Busy Bicycling on York Boulevard (Video)

Eagle Rock biking and walking activist Severin Martinez captured some diligent bicyclists on Monday afternoon.

Severin Martinez, an Eagle Rock bicycling and walking activist who goes by the name "WalkEagleRock" on his Bipediality blog, spent 20 minutes on Monday afternoon with a video camera on the corner of York Boulevard and Avenue 50.

What did he find? In the video above, dozens of cyclists can be seen pedaling through the area's bike lanes, parking at the bike corral in front of Café de Leche and popping into business along the boulevard.

If the video is any indication, bike lanes have been a boon for bicyclists and business owners in Northeast L.A.

In a previous post on Bipediality, Martinez indicates that more bike lanes could be coming soon:

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is aggressively installing bicycle infrastructure at a pace unprecedented in the department’s history with almost 40 miles of bike lanes installed this fiscal year!

And many more bike lanes are on the way! In Northeast L.A., rumor has it that bike lanes will soon be coming to Eagle Rock Boulevard north of Westdale and to York Boulevard east of Avenue 54. The LADOT is also studying potential bike lanes on Colorado Boulevard and North Figueroa. This is great news, especially as a visible portion of travel around the neighborhood is by bicycle.

Martinez indicates that there are many other streets in Highland Park that are ripe for bike lanes.

Mesa Avenue (~ 60ft wide) – from York Boulevard to Avenue 61 (0.3 miles)

  • Would connect to bike lanes planned for York Boulevard

Piedmont Avenue (~ 55ft wide) – from Avenue 61 to Avenue 58 (0.2 miles)

Delevan Drive and Wawona Street (~50 and 55 ft)– from York Boulevard to Avenue 42 (0.2 miles)

  • Would connect with facility planned for York Boulevard. Would provide bike lanes to Delevan Drive Elementary.

Stratford Road (~40 ft wide)  – from Campus Road to Avenue 55 (0.7 miles)

Avenue 49 (~40 ft wide)  – from Stratford Road to Range View Avenue (0.05 miles)

  • Would connect to bicycle facilities planned for Stratford Road

Via Marisol (~ 60 ft wide)  – from Monterey Road to Arroyo Seco Bike Path (0.3 miles)

  • Would connect to existing bike lanes on Via Marisol east of Monterey Road. Would connect to Arroyo Seco Bike Path

Projects That Can Be Implemented and Are in the LA Bike Plan

York Boulevard (~40 ft wide)  – from Avenue 42 to Delevan Drive ( 0.1 miles)

  • Included in the Bike Plan’s neighborhood network. Would provide connection to near by Delevan Drive Elementary

Monterey Road (~ 55ft wide)  – from Lomitas Drive/ South Pasadena border to Avenue 60 (0.4 miles)

San Pascual Avenue (~ 40 and 50 ft wide) – from York Boulevard to Comet Street (0.7 miles)

Avenue 66 (~ 50 and 55ft wide)  – from York Boulevard to Meridian Street (0.5 miles)

In all, implementing these facilities could provide almost 5 miles of bike lanes total. And a surprising number of these potential bike lane projects would connect to existing or planned bicycle facilities.

Click here to see a map of the potential bike lanes made by Martinez.

Click the following links to read some of Martinez's Patch blogs:

Bicycle-Friendly Alternative to Colorado Boulevard.
Call to Action After a Decade of Crashes on Colorado.
Crashes Along Colorado Boulevard—Some Preliminary Findings.

John Goldfarb July 11, 2012 at 05:07 PM
I noticed that many of the bicyclists in the video are using the sidewalk instead of the street. I thought the point was to use the bike lanes or, if there's no dedicated lane, to share the street with other vehicles. I fully support bike lanes, but as a pedestrian it's unnerving to have bicyclists speed by you.
Nelson R Grande II July 11, 2012 at 06:18 PM
I wholeheartedly agree with you. If we can get the drivers to be a bit more respectful of bikers, it may not scare them into using sidewalks. How can we accomplish this?
John Goldfarb July 11, 2012 at 07:16 PM
The more drivers see cyclists using the roads, the more they'll have to accommodate them, just as they do motorcyclists. I don't know whether it's legal to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk, but if it isn't, it wouldn't hurt for the city to post signs to that effect here and there, but I imagine there would be very little enforcement.
Nelson R Grande II July 12, 2012 at 07:59 AM
I agree. Been riding to and from work on asphalt. Though, I always like giving a friendly nod over to peds. Maybe welcome some to join in.
Do Something March 12, 2013 at 03:14 AM
Cyclists and motorists alike need to respect one another in order to make a better and safer Eagle Rock/Highland Park community. I say this because of two instances: 1) I saw a man riding his bike on York Blvd and he was waiting patiently at a turn lane/stoplight to make a left turn. As soon as the cars from the opposing lane were clear, a car behind him making the same left turn grew impatient and drove around the cyclist and made the left. The cyclists grew angry due to the motorist's impatience and disrespectful move. 2) I saw a big group of night riders (cyclists) on York Blvd utilizing the bike lanes. A few of the cyclists were disrupting the flow of traffic because they were riding on the car lanes. Of course many of the motorists began to honk at the cyclists, not because of impatience, but because of not wanting to hit them (and wanting them to stay on the bike lane). Ultimately, both cyclists and motorists need to respect one another - coming down to the simplest things as making a left turn, to using the appropriate lane. And I believe that creating bike lanes (where cyclists appropriately use them, and where motorists respects them) is one step closer to a better and safer community in Eagle Rock/Highland Park.


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