Colorado Boulevard: Motorists’ Delight, Pedestrians’ Nightmare

To get to the first signalized crossing along Colorado east from City Hall, pedestrians must walk nearly five times the distance a motorist has to drive to hang a left or do a U-turn.

Pedestrians typically expect to walk about 350 feet alongside a street before crossing it—without jaywalking.

But in the center of Eagle Rock’s commercial district, on the six-lane stretch of Colorado Boulevard between Eagle Rock Boulevard and Townsend, law-abiding pedestrians who wish to cross the local highway often face a mini-hike, writes Eagle Rock resident and walking/biking advocate Severin Martinez in his latest Walk Eagle Rock blog.

On the north side of Colorado, along the four-block stretch between Maywood Avenue (the cross street where is located) and Hermosa Avenue (the location of the ), pedestrians must walk no less than 1,200 feet before hoping to cross—at a non-signalized crossing that leaves them at the mercy of drivers who aren’t texting or at least have good brakes.

If you’re the cautious type who will only traverse a street at a signalized crossing, however, you would have to walk another blocks east to Argus Drive. Martinez notes a striking contrast: Motorists have to drive no more than 350 feet to be able to hang a left turn or a U-turn on this “downtown” stretch of Colorado, where five of the 12 intersections (including the boulevard’s busiest intersection at Vincent Avenue, where is located, and where motorists face a double jeopardy of their own) have no breaks at all for crossing.

Click here to read Martinez’s full blog—and then start a conversation by sharing your views in the Comments section below about walking along Colorado Boulevard.


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Correction: A pervious version of this article noted that the first signalized crossing for pedestrians on the north side of Colorado Boulevard walking east of City Hall is Mount Royal Drive. The first signalized crossing, as a reader correctly points out at the start of the Comments thread, is Argus Drive—a block short of Mount Royal.

hippierunner August 19, 2012 at 06:50 PM
Jennifer N August 19, 2012 at 07:46 PM
When did the priority to get to work take over city planning and spending of tax dollars? Used to be city planning was about quality of life and growing local businesses, now it's about quality of commute. Some cities still plan with livability in mind. For example, Boston put their highways underground with the big dig, granted it was expensive, and took a long time. But city planners wanted to free up space for a green corridor, and more discretionary businesses. Guess what? People came. The city has a bike czar, even though they've got about 56 sunny days a year. Why do Angelenos continue to accept, just good enough from their roadways and city planners? Move near your job, or work closer to home. If you don't have that luxury then don't force your community to build itself around your commute. Thank you, Take Back the Boulevard, Do Eagle Rock blvd next.
Tim Ryder August 19, 2012 at 08:28 PM
'hippierunner' nice!
Michael Turmon August 19, 2012 at 10:54 PM
Yes, and the correction Ajay offered still has an error. The light at Mount Royal is two blocks from Argus, not one. Whatever the name of the streets are, the gap between these crossings is quite long.
Tim Ryder August 20, 2012 at 01:12 AM
Okay, you win Severin, what do you want? 2 lanes? 1 lane? Horse and buggies? Your are going to win the propaganda war, hand down! You win! You're right, we need bike lanes, we need pedestrian friendly sidewalks, reduce the lanes from 3 to 2. Okay, you win. Now can I go get my beer? God help us from crusaders like you and Michael Larsen...


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