Game On, Eagle Rock!

You are challenged to a virtual scavenger hunt on Patch.

Think you know Eagle Rock Patch? Sure about that? Put your site skills to the test with the help of the clues below. The first reader to email ajay.singh@patch.com with all 10 correct answers will win Eagle Rock Patch bragging rights! Contest is limited to one submission per person.

 1) What is the name of the column featuring questions from moms in the community and what is the name of the moderator? (Two-part answer.)

2) This organization seeks volunteers on an ongoing basis to help prepare meals for women.

3) What is Patch's Blog also known as?

4) Where on Patch do you go to search for jobs, goods and services available in the area?

5) At this particular “shopping” listing you may not give a hoot about all the chit chat attributed to the business.

6) “What is your favorite dish from an Eagle Rock restaurant?” was a question posted on which date?

7) What percentage of its advertising space does Patch give free of charge to local charities from the communities Patch serves?

8) This “fresh” event is held every Friday from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

9) To get Eagle Rock news, events and deals, delivered straight to you, you can sign up for the Patch _________. 

10) In an article/video posted in December 2010, which sophomore was announced Eagle Rock Athlete of the Year?

Ajay Singh July 01, 2011 at 10:12 PM
Okay, Mark. If you get all the answers right I'll take you out to a Taco Spot lunch. And because I can hardly afford to play favorites on a community journalism site, I must—and do hereby—extend the offer to all our readers.


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