How Eagle Rockers Are Cutting Back on Personal Spending

From food and gas to entertainment, the cuts are sweeping.

With gas prices near a record high and the economy still insecure, a lot of people are cutting back on their personal spending. Here, based on random interviews conducted yesterday, is what some Eagle Rock residents say they are doing to try to stay within their budgets without drastically compromising their lifestyles:


Nurse, Chickasaw Avenue

I’ve been cutting way back on food. I just bought some baked goods [from the ] but they're for a friend. I'm also cutting back on transportation. I try to go for fun where it’s not going to cost anything. I’m a member of Descanso Gardens, where I get in free all year—to me, that’s a bargain. I’m careful about gas. If I’m going to do errands, I try to do them in one trip.


Video Film editor, Vincent Avenue

Driving is a big expense for me. In the past month I’ve been mostly working from home. I’m also cutting back on eating out and mostly eat at home.


Student preparing for a career in medical billing and coding, Eagle Rock Boulevard

I’m not eating that much fast food anymore. I go grocery shopping once a month and limit what I buy and stretch it out for the whole month. I try not to make any extra trips to save on gas—I go where I need to go, instead of where I want to go. I used to go to the movies all the time—now I watch a movie in the theater once every two months.


Unemployed, Colorado Boulevard

It’s gotten to the bone—I can’t cut back no more. It’s hard to stay healthy and strong and working. I’ve been cutting back on entertainment—I never have any fun. I would like to go to the beach because I have no air conditioning at home but to get there costs gas. It’s not easy.


Manager, , Eagle Rock Boulevard

You could say I’m cutting back on everything. But the truth is I have no choice to save on anything. Most of my money goes to pay the rent—20 years ago I paid $525, now I pay $1,500. Fortunately, I am able to pay for food and clothing, which is not a big deal.


Chef and owner of restaurant, York Boulevard

I’m cutting back on a lot of things. Instead of paying $5 for coffee, I buy a Red Bull energy drink for half the price. I’m not at the beach today because going out is expensive. I still go out for leisure but don’t go snowboarding anymore. I don’t buy DVDs. But I still eat out.

Cardie Molina April 02, 2011 at 03:04 PM
cutting back on fast food is a good trend as it will cut back on your medical health care costs but cutting back on food? make healthy food a priority, if you don't grow your own...try buying a CSA box of fresh vegetables for $15 instead of overpriced trucked in produce from one of the majors. www.localharvest.org is one place you can find out where. i watch the gas always and the thermometer AC setting at home..
Chip April 03, 2011 at 12:53 AM
Top 5 Ways Eagle Rockers Can Save Money: 1. When you go to the local massage parlor, instead of a Happy Ending, request the less expensive Ambivalent Ending. 2. When re-stocking your medical marijuana at your local collective get a bag of shake instead of the Purple Kush Ganja Supreme. 3. Cancel your cable subscription and instead of watching "Glenn Beck" or "Jersey Shore", attend the monthly Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council Meeting for a mash-up of both. 4. Instead of booking that trip to Southeast Asia, head over to Seafood Village in the Westfield Mall, stand in the center of the fsh department, close your eyes and let the Tagalog conversations help you imagine you are on a beach in Manila. 5. Instead of a Double Chili Cheeseburger at Tommy's, just eat the mystery ingredient in one of the tupperware containers at the back your fridge. You'll get the same runs at a fraction of the cost.
Philipp Sander April 03, 2011 at 05:40 AM
Chip - at times, your comments are pure satirical genius! Although you are stepping on about half of the human populace's feet, you do find a humorous take on our ER issues. Keep it up! (And tone down on the argumentative posts ;) )


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