Poll: Did You Enjoy Highland Park's Fireworks Show?

Fireworks aren't for everyone, are they for you?

Highland Park residents didn't have to travel far on Wednesday evening to enjoy a free Independence Day fireworks show.

As it's been for decades prior, and will likely be for years to come, the skies over Northeast Los Angeles were filled with exploding rockets of the illegal variety.

With far too many revelers joining in on the fun each year for the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments to effectively enforce the city's ban on fireworks, NELA residents have been privy to spectacular shows on an annual basis.

Many lifelong Highland Park residents see fireworks as part of the tapestry of the neighborhood. A symbol of the neighborhood's laid-back, anything goes character.

On the flip side, fireworks are loud, potentially dangerous and a serious source of distress to pets. So, fireworks are not universally beloved, by any means.

Patch Asks: How do you feel about Highland Park's fireworks Show?

Rebecca Prine July 07, 2012 at 06:37 AM
Applause~ As the one thing our homeowners insurance policy covers is fire we enjoyed the night immensely! Brought our neighbors together for fine bbq and cold beer, gotta love HP.
nonoise July 07, 2012 at 02:27 PM
Rebecca, homeowners insurance claims make everyone's premiums go up. It is peace of mind, but none wants to have to use it.
nonoise July 07, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Shawn, You do not have to live with that dead horse. You may feel differently if the church bells that are not real are off key and an unusual sound. I can call you 6 times a day so you can hear them. Do you want that? Those that like them can take them home with them, and keep them out of my house!!
Carl Showalter July 07, 2012 at 05:10 PM
Moral hazard: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moral_hazard
Bunnie July 09, 2012 at 03:41 AM
Listen all you complainers...we love HP/Mt W..we moved to Glendale 2 years ago and now have ZERO fireworks ...boring boring boring...can't wait until we move back to Mt W and can see Beruit exploding across the 110 freeway....you guys are so fortunate to have peeps who do it in style...what's a little noise and fire...has anything happened??? Aint America great....xoxoxoxos


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