Looking for a Job in PR? Eagle Rock’s ‘In-House Writer’ Can Help

ER resident Andrew Hindes offers tips on how to nail the “dreaded PR writing test.”

For the past two years, Eagle Rock resident Andrew Hindes has been conducting public relations writing workshops as part of a small, home-grown business he calls “In-House Writer.” Recently, to meet a growing demand for professionally written PR copy, Hindes began offering pre-employment writing evaluations for PR companies and corporate communications departments.

A veteran PR copywriter who lives on Highland View Avenue, Hindes has a background in journalism. And he knows a thing or two about the geometry of public relations, if not the key to its literary soul.

Writing, according to Hindes, is one of the most important elements of successful PR. If you’ve been wondering, for example, why that mailer for spa products allegedly infused with age-reversing ingredients recently cast such a spell over you, chances are some talented writer was at least partly responsible for tempting you to part with your money.

The good news for writers—especially those looking for gainful employment these days—is that PR writing is increasingly been handled by professionals who know how write like journalists, if they don’t exactly have a journalism background.

So before you apply for any of those frequently advertised jobs in public relations on, say, Mediabistro.com, take a moment to read what Hindes, has to say.

Click here to read the latest article by Hindes on PR News, titled “Getting the Job: 5 Tips for Acing the Dreaded PR Writing Test.”

Whether you want to start out as a PR writer or hope to supervise a bunch of PR hacks, Hindes’ article offers some time-tested and useful advice that will likely give you the edge you’re looking for.

Mary Tokita December 05, 2012 at 11:21 PM
And you, sir, are a total coward and complete jerk.


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