When do You Know Christmas Has Come to Eagle Rock?

Neighborhood impressions about what it takes for Christmas to come alive. What’s your defining image for Christmas in Eagle Rock?

What’s the one thing you have to see to know that Christmas has come to Eagle Rock?

That’s the question Eagle Rock Patch asked three prominent Eagle Rockers as the time for Santa to creep down your chimney—or through your back door—approaches.

Below are their answers, which are meant to set the ball rolling for yours. Feel free to chime in at the end of this article by posting your own answer in the Comments section—and don’t forget to take a moment to enter our Deck The House photo contest, which has a $100,000 grand prize for the winner and a $500 prize for 24 finalists that they can apply to their December electricity bill. Click here for further details.


I have the world's best neighbors. Marsha and Tim Dodd are the kind of neighbors who create a neighborhood by being exactly who they are. Loving parents and grandparents, Marsha and Tim are always at the ready with a kind word. They are also the ones who created the neighbor phone tree, the kind of folks who call me if I leave the hood light on in the car—and they set a tone for thoughtful care of home. When their holiday lights and decorations go up, I know the season has begun [although] my neighbors Christmas lights are as understated as are the people who hang them. It is that sentiment that makes them so wonderful.

Happy holidays to all our neighbors in Eagle Rock. May the New Year bring us peace, prosperity and even more kindness.

Rebecca Niederlander, artist.


The clear evidence that Christmas has come to Eagle Rock and most other communities is the presence of lighted decorations outside homes. 

Bob Gotham, president, (The Eagle Rock Association).


I love seeing the Christmas lights on the homes in Eagle Rock. Eagle Rock has a lot of hometown holiday spirit.

Michael Larsen, president, .


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