Everybody’s Talkin’—And Laughing—in Eagle Rock

Just when you thought Eagle Rock couldn’t get more fun, local comedian Matt Dwyer debuts Everybody’s Talkin’, a new, monthly comedy show at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock.

Longing for more local laughs? Craving more comedy in the community? Matt Dwyer (How I Met Your Mother, HBO Presents Funny or Die) ups Eagle Rock’s comic ante with his new, monthly stand-up show Everybody’s Talkin’, which debuts this Thursday, Feb. 17, 8-10 p.m., at the . Suggested donation is $5.00.

Kick off the weekend in the company of: Natasha Leggero (Chelsea Lately, Last Comic Standing); Al Madrigal (The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Comedy Central Presents); Sean Patton (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon); Kumail Nanjiani (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Portlandia, Life As We Know It); Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Show); Jonah Ray (Jonah Ray’s Meltdown, MTV’s Human Giant); Duncan Trussell (Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time) and musical guest Les Blanks.

Read on for more info about Eagle Rock’s newest night out:  

Eagle Rock Patch: What’s the format of Everybody’s Talkin’?

Matt Dwyer: What I am hoping to [do is] simply put on a great show. Each month will feature established comedians doing stand up or character pieces. It is not 100 percent sure yet but we do want to have music as a big part of the show. Comedians and musicians for a long time have had a mutual respect—the worlds intermingle together but rarely in the same show. Also, it's a great way to end the night. Turn it into a party. I wanna add: though we are having a lot of accomplished, famous comedians, we'll also be working in some fresh faces. L.A. has a lot of great comedians who have yet to be on television. They should be seen.

Eagle Rock Patch: The name of the show indicates that it might be more story-oriented. 

Matt Dwyer: The name of the show is solely based on Everybody's Talkin' [performed] by Harry Nilsson, [which] is my all-time favorite song and it seemed like a good title for a show. It lends nothing to the format.

Eagle Rock Patch: Why Eagle Rock and the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock?

Matt Dwyer: Why Eagle Rock and the Center For the Arts? I live down the street and it seemed like a great spot to do a show. People in this neighborhood deserve a quality, good show without having to drive to Hollywood. Frankly, no one should have to drive to Hollywood.

Eagle Rock Patch: With Maria Bamford’s Singalong and Comedy Show, the Eagle Rock Comedy Festival, and now Everybody’s Talkin’, there really seems to be a comedy scene growing in Eagle Rock. 

Matt Dwyer: It's a mix of a lot of things. A lot of comedians suddenly live on this side of town—and for some reason we want shows everywhere. Eagle Rock doesn't have many comedy shows, so why not bring one or two or more? In my opinion, Eagle Rock is the best neighborhood in L.A. It's got the best restaurants [and] a great vibe, so I want to contribute and do something to help make it an even better place to live.

Eagle Rock Patch: Is there a theme for each show?

Matt Dwyer: There is no theme to the show other than let's have a great show and make Eagle Rock feel more like a community.

Eagle Rock Patch: Do you try and choose comics that have a similar sensibility?

Matt Dwyer: I don't choose comedians with similar sensibilities. I tend to have the things I like but I want a rounded, well-balanced show, so I will book a show and try to think of everyone's energy, subject matter, and how that will lend to an overall balanced show. I want the show to be quality.

Eagle Rock Patch: Is the show appropriate for all ages?

Matt Dwyer: I wouldn't bring a five-year-old. Will you hear the "f" word? I'd bet on it. Will it be overtly crass and raunchy? No.

Eagle Rock Patch: Will there be liquor available?

Matt Dwyer: Beer and wine will be available.

Chip February 16, 2011 at 11:37 PM
Beer and wine will be available bt this being Eagle Rock there will be some toking as well. Pot + Comedy = High-larious.
Jensen Lee February 19, 2011 at 11:40 PM
While “Everybody’s Talkin’” is the signature song of Harry Nilsson, it was written and performed by folk rock singer Fred Neil in 1966. The song almost didn’t make it to vinyl. I recently posted on my Rockaeology blog at http://tinyurl.com/6aq2fbz the story of how “Everybody’s Talkin’” was created at the end of recording session. Neil was anxious to get back home to Miami. His manager convinced him to write a song on the spot, which Neil did in 5 minutes, and recorded “Everybody’s Talkin’” in one take.
Kim Axelrod Ohanneson February 21, 2011 at 07:32 PM
Thanks for reading and for the great background info, Jensen!


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