Women's Club to Celebrate 100 Years of the Construction of its Historic Clubhouse

The Eagle Rock institution will feature a benefit concert by pianist Carl Matthes on Feb. 8.

Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock.
Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock.
By Linda Johnstone Allen

On Saturday, Feb. 8, The Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock will
sponsor a benefit concert in celebration of the 100th year of the construction  of its historic clubhouse. The concert, by pianist Carl Matthes, is a fundraiser for the Clubhouse Centennial Restoration Fund.

The evening begins at 6 p.m., with a reception, featuring hors d'ourvres, a no-host bar and historical clubhouse displays. The piano concert starts at 7 p.m. Matthes will feature compositions by women composers, many classical composers, and a piece from the inaugural concert a century ago. A native Angeleno and Eagle Rock resident, Matthes has played at Carnegie Hall and around the world. He has been very generous with performances in this community, and the  WTCC is honored to be graced by his talents.

Click here to purchase tickets online or send a check to WTCC P.O. Box 412218, Los Angeles, CA 90041. Please specify the  number of tickets, and whether adult, student or child. Adult tickets are $20 per person, students (18 and under) are $10, and children (12 and under) are $5. Check www.wtcc-er.org for further details. The WTCC is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

In 2013, the WTCC clubhouse was honored to be placed on the National Registry for Historic Places, not only for its iconic building, but for the role its members played in the growth of women's involvement in charitable causes in the growth of the community. Among a host of charitable causes, those included the acquisition of grant funds to build the Eagle Rock Carnegie Library (now the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock), the maintenance of a children's health clinic for 35 years, the roots of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society, and the signing of the petition for women's suffrage in California.

As a national historical building, the WTCC is encouraging the community to take pride in this historical monument by making sure it survives for posterity. Along with the concert, the WTCC is seeking sponsors to help in a capital campaign to help maintain this historical landmark.  

The clubhouse is in need of comprehensive overhaul to preserve its historical features and restore the ones lost over time. It's the only way to preserve the building for future generations.

Linda Johnstone Allen is an artist, activist and president of the Women's Twentieth Century Club of Eagle Rock.


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