Comings, Goings at Encino Marketplace

A look at what has changed, and what hasn't, at the shopping center.

Last month, Encino Patch spoke with developer Rick Caruso and asked him to respond to the many changes taking place at his Encino Marketplace shopping center after the departure of the Barnes & Noble and Hallmark Creations stores.

Caruso told Patch in June that Fresh Brothers Pizza, a small restaurant chain that serves pizza, salad and wings, would be taking over the Hallmark store space this summer.

Now there are several signs declaring FedEx Office will be opening soon in that location. Paul Kurzawa, chief operating officer at Caruso Affiliated, told Encino Patch that the former Hallmark space is going to be divided and shared by both FedEx Office and Fresh Brothers Pizza.

Kurzawa expects construction for the FedEx space to be completed by the end of August. Caruso Affiliated is still working through lease negotiations with Fresh Brothers, but estimates the pizza restaurant will move in by November, he said.

Pure Beauty, a retailer for beauty products and salon services, quietly packed up and moved out of Encino Marketplace without public notice last week.

“We received notice from the local store manager on July 15 that they made the decision to close the Encino and Santa Clarita locations,” Kurzawa said.

A representative from Pure Beauty’s real estate department told Kurzawa that the stores were unprofitable and they elected to close them. When Encino Patch tried to reach the beauty company for some information, they declined our interview.

Lastly, CVS Pharmacy, which has plans to open in the former Barnes & Noble space, posted a public notice of application for a Type 21 off-sale liquor license on Tuesday.

CVS withdrew its original liquor license application in February after vehement protests from residents. The Los Angeles City Council was scheduled to determine the “public convenience or necessity” for alcohol sales at CVS following the community protests earlier this year.

trojan2002 July 29, 2011 at 03:25 PM
Don't buy your alcohol from CVS... Buy it from Ralphs! Why create an environment of market competition so consumers can get the best deal.
Dick Carter July 29, 2011 at 03:50 PM
CVS runs discounted liquor and wine specials that make Ralphs look like they have never heard of the word discount, especially at their Fresh Fare stores, as is the case at the other end of the shopping center. It's not like CVS's liquor sales will be 25% of its business. Interestingly sidebar to this issue is that even Target and Walmart are getting into selling liquor, so why deprive CVS the right? Oh, I know, you still want B&N back in that space. Like Pure Beauty and Blockbuster and others before them, their business model was unprofitable, and thus the closure. You are seeing that in centers all over the valley and elsewhere.
Bob Kirk July 29, 2011 at 06:58 PM
Dick- CVS 'discount' you must be using the Sch. II Rx...CVS has outragou$ pricing, it is run poorly, they never restock items & are very EXPENSIVE for most items, they CANNOT compete with the Longs, Garfield Rx. so they bought them up ! Ralph`s is no better, they bought up a bunch of markets, i. Anyway...this is Amerika comrade, we get to buy competition& raise prices as much as ve vant!! CVS does not compete with Target or Walmart CVS' prices for medical supplies, household stuff, cards, etc. are a friggin joke & when an item is out of stock (@ least @ Louise & ventura, when I went back 2 months laters...still none on the shelf, but plenty of candy) & yes I don;t have any more Rx @ CVS & only go there to get booze when it is on sale, Ralph's has it just as cheep or is less @ times, depends what is on sale, Ralph's has $2 wine that is good, CVS not such a price.... But, the bottom line is the community can vote with their wallets & boycott CVS & Caruso as this is just a developer getting all he can per sq. foot for what HE wants to put in a center, maybe a dominoes, a pizza hut & a round table would go in as well.. Business model is not unprofitable it is the $a sq. ft. Caruso wants, how much you bet Ameritrade folds it tent as soon as it's lease is Up?
Christy July 30, 2011 at 12:22 AM
Fed Ex is a block away and so is CVS....and a Walgreens....and a Rite Aid. Seriously, can we get something the community can really use?? How about the Trader Joe's on Burbank relocate to where Barnes and Noble was?? It's bigger and offers much better parking!
Nan Shapiro August 05, 2011 at 05:38 PM
I am aware of several other developers that chose to insist on "higher" rents without considering the communities wishes and needs and guess what? There occupany rate is 50% or lower and more retail stores forced to close. I loved B&N and have many fond memories of wonderful hours spent reading, sipping Starbucks coffee and buying wonderful books. Too bad you didn't do the same Mr. Caruso, that is supporting the community in which you profess to love.


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