Eagle Rock's Maria Bamford Is Still 'That Crazy Target Lady'

Black Friday Target ads featuring comedienne Maria Bamford are back again as she discusses her role in the Cartoon Network show ‘Adventure Time’ and discloses that she’s taking time off from the road.

The 2nd Annual Eagle Rock Comedy Festival is still two weeks away (December 7-8) but one Eagle Rock resident has already begun her comedy act: For the third year running, Maria Bamford is showcased in Target's Black Friday ads, which began last week.

On Monday, the Laist blog featured an interview with Bamford about her career in comedy, particularly her work on the Cartoon Network's "Adventure Time" show. In the Q&A, which can be viewed by clicking here, Bamford discloses that she became part of the show somewhat serendipitously because of her connection with , a York Boulevard eyewear store on the border of Eagle Rock and Highland Park.

Last December, Eagle Rock Patch columnist Kim Axelrod Ohanneson wrote several stories about the Eagle Rock comedy scene, including one appropriately titled, “That Crazy Target Lady is Eagle Rock's Own Maria Bamford.”

Among other insights into Bamford’s career, the article offers a glimpse into the comedienne’s life in Eagle Rock, such as the fact that is one of her favorite neighborhood stores and that even though she doesn’t wear prescription glasses, Bamford shops regularly at the Society of the Spectacle.

In her Laist interview, Bamford says that she’s taking off for four months, which suggests she’s not going to participate in the Eagle Rock Comedy Festival next month.

The festival line-up, which includes two other comedians we’ve written about in the past—Bobbie Oliver and Julian Axelrod—does not have Bamford’s name, although the festival promises to be “better than ever,” with more than 150 comedians performing in 12 venues across a three-mile radius of “the greatest little town in Los Angeles.”


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