Eric Garcetti Lays Out Plan for Jobs, City Hall Reform at LACC

The mayoral candidate and council district 13 rep said he would take the lessons from recent neighborhood turnarounds in Hollywood, Silver Lake, Echo Park and Atwater Village citywide.


Silver Lake resident Eric Garcetti's campaign for Los Angeles mayor shifted into a higher gear Thursday at Los Angeles City College's Camino Theater.

Before about 200 people--many from Echo Park and Silver Lake--the former city council president said "jobs" will be his top priority as mayor.

Garcetti highlighted community colleges as a place where those job can incubate.

He pointed to LACC programs already teaching government job skills and computer programming as models.

Garcetti said he would create an office to partner with USC, UCLA, CalTech and other colleges and universities.

He said it would help take ideas "from the school to the boardroom" and "keep the best and brightest in L.A." so they can "produce good jobs as they start businesses here."

Garcetti also returned to a favorite theme--City Hall reform to make it easier for businesses and residents.

Toward that, he said he would require every department head at City Hall to re-apply for their positions, and make "customer service" metrics part of employees' accountability.

He also said he would create the position of Chief Technology Officer for the city, in a move to bring more efficiency to City Hall.

Garcetti also highlighted the dramatic changes in his own district.

He pointed to Silver Lake's shopping district, recently commended in Sunset Magazine, to Atwater, Hollywood and Echo Park as representing the kind of growth possible in other parts of Los Angeles.

"We are ready to take the lessons we have learned in [Council District 13] city wide," he said.

Silver Lake's Donna Choi, who owns on Sunset Boulevard, was in the audience Thursday.

She told us she thinks Garcetti's anti-graffiti program UNTAG could definitely transfer.

Choi's gift and accessories shop is not far from the first location of Garcetti's field office, now in Hollywood.

She also hopes he'll bring the "open door policy" that characterized that office and staff to City Hall. 

In a case of life imitating art, during Thursday's speech Garcetti referred to his office's success in taking down a "gang house on Drew Street in Glassell Park."

And, on Sunday, Garcetti joins actor Jake Gyllenhaal for a fundraiser featuring a screening of End of Watch.

The film is the story of two LAPD officers targeted by a crime cartel.

Garcetti has a cameo as L.A. mayor in the film, which opens Sept. 21.


Eric Garcetti Opens Mayor Campaign With Talk of Jobs (LA Weekly)

Eric Garcetti says as L.A. Mayor He'd Create Jobs, Reform City Hall (LA Times)

Mark September 15, 2012 at 03:11 AM
Be very wary of Garcetti. Notice even here, all vague, general -- this is nothing but hot air to tell you what you want to hear. If Garcetti wanted to "reform" City Hall, why didn't he do it during six years as president of the City Council, and 12 years in all as a council member!? If he wanted to promote these "great ideas" to produce jobs, why didn't he do anything for that in 12 years on the Council? Have you ever heard of these ideas before? What has he been doing for 12 years, other than throwing homeless people in jail and steamrolling over neighborhoods to bring in MASSIVE development, and completely, utterly selling out to landlords -- and notice who his campaign contributors are, overwhelmingly developers and landlords? Have all the department managers reapply for their jobs? I guess Garcetti has no idea they are all under employment contracts, can't be made to reapply! And I guess he doesn't give a damn about the City Charter, under which he doesn't get to hire or fire any department managers, that is up to the commission overseeing the department. He is just knowingly spouting a crock of s---- to fool you about what he is. This guy is one of the most serious frauds this city has seen -- and he is very slick at it, despite being very shallow minded.
Julie Walmsley September 16, 2012 at 02:33 AM
Anthea, did he comment at all on land use and development? Did he explain his position on current land use controversies like sober living houses, the Walgreen's on Vine, and the SM/Virginia development? The Chief Technology Officer - how would that work? Where is he going to get salary for that in the budget, and how much more efficient would that make things? CFMS is decent. It would be good to have video rather than just audio for committee meetings. Fire also needs to provide audio of Board of Commissioners meetings in a more timely fashion, but a lot of info is available electronically if one knows how to use it and is persistent. The issue is getting comment from city staff. CAO and Mayor's office are, frankly, the worst. Indifference to media inquiry seems cultural - and it's a culture he's been part of for years. Now he says he's going to "change" things. Where are the specifics?
Anthea Raymond September 16, 2012 at 02:55 PM
@Julie- Great points. Let's talk back channel about efficient ways of digging into some of this stuff. Garcetti took no questions at this event and the ones you ask (also in your comments on my KIA article) are good ones and deserve attention. I want to address them. Appreciate the work you are doing for Patch and your critical eye here is part of that. AR
Henry November 21, 2012 at 08:59 PM
Eric Garcetti is the Mitt Romney of the Mayor's race. He must be defeated. He will tell you anything he thinks you want to hear. He is extremely adverse to conflict and possesses extreme needs to be loved by everyone. He needs a shrink before he needs another term in office.


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