Family Friendly Restaurants in Eagle Rock

Pizza to burgers, chicken strips to sundaes, there are tons of great choices for kids.


Few things are more kid-friendly than pizza, and when you throw arcade games and a giant fuzzy mouse into the mix you can't go wrong. Eagle Rocker's have Chuck E. Cheese right in the neighborhood, at the . Sign up with Chuck E. Cheese here for exclusive coupons!


Who's not going to say YES to "The Best Brownie Ever," especially among the 12 and under set? Yes, Auntie Em's sandwich selection is impressive, the Trinidad coffee is to die for, the mint ice tea delicious, but the only thing your kids need to know about are the brownies and giant cupcakes, and they'll smile all the way to Auntie Em's!


From old-fashioned burgers to juicy chicken strips, onion rings to fish filets, Foster's Freeze has something for everyone. Plus, if the kids eat all their food, there's plenty for dessert, like shakes, cones, sundaes, twisters, and banana splits! Foster Freeze has been around since 1946, so chances are, today's parents also ate there as yesterday's kids!


You know that bright yellow, vibrant corner shop on York Boulevard? That's Delia's, home to some of the best Mexican food in Eagle Rock! With great prices, it's a restaurant the whole family can enjoy together without breaking the bank. With daily breakfast and lunch specials, there are a variety of choices, including tacos, burritos, tortas, and soup. Yum! 


If your kids are into sandwiches, Dave's is the place to take them! Their large sandwich menu includes turkey, vegetables, roast beef, Italian, ham, and hummus. Hot sandwiches include pastrami, meatball, sausage, and French dip. Grilled sandwiches include grilled cheese, roast beef melt, tuna melt, and tomato with cheese. For a great after school snack, you can also stop by for a smoothie, milk shake or "sherbert chiller!" And always feel free to watch a trailer of the short film Hold The Mayo shot by Eagle Rock writer Jeffrey Williams at Dave’s sandwich haven.

Jeffrey Thiel June 26, 2011 at 12:13 AM
Don't forget about the Capri Italian Restaurant!
geoduck June 27, 2011 at 11:38 PM
I vote for Four Cafe - it's just bustling enough to feel family-friendly, the benches are great for containing wiggly diners, and the food for kids and grown-ups is excellent.


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