Father's Day Potables For Eagle Rock Dads

Eagle Rock establishments offer Dad's Day gifts to help the father in your life relax.

Father’s Day is at the weekend doorstep. This year, nix the cufflinks and forego the dress shirt.

These Eagle Rock establishments will help you properly fete the grandpa who taught you grandmaster chess moves, the husband who bought you a Miu Miu handbag instead of a Hawaiian muu muu, and the dad who taught you the difference between Boone’s Farm (no, not the one in Iowa) and Beaujolais.

Relax, hard-working dads. Relax. (Or at the very least, Get a Load Off!)

: This is just a guess but most Eagle Rock dads probably fall into the “gatherer” rather than the “hunter” categories. Still, you want to give the father in your life something that’s solid and dependable. Something like him. Colorado Wine Company’s John Nugent is a pop as well as a wine pro, so who better to offer double-whammy Dad’s Day gift advice?

Nugent’s current recommendation, per his witty newsletter, is the 12 Gauge Cabernet Sauvignon 2007. Although two of the co-founders of Gauge Wines are hunters, the only skins here are those of premium grapes from Howell Mountain, St. Helena and Paso. Nugent appreciates the “notes of anise, violets and blackberries and light tannins that wrap it all up.” Dad will appreciate the fact that this cab is good with meat and game, whether he catches it on the range or just cooked it on the range grill.

At $11.99 a bottle, you can afford to give Dad a case of the cabernet that the 12 Gauge website characterizes as “wine for the American nose.” Even better, “part of the proceeds of some of the Gauge releases go to restoring the wetlands affected by the Gulf oil spill” so Dad can be a hero with every sip.

Eagle Rock Home Brew Supply: Want to gift Dad with a pastime you can partake in? Thomas Galvin’s recently opened (with partners Greg Beron and Kevin Koenig) Eastside branch of the Culver City hobby shop for hopheads has all the supplies you … er, Dad could want for his leisure-time pursuit of the perfect libation from yeast to hops to brew kits ($24, $28 and $40).

For the perfect Dad Day duo, pair a gift certificate for supplies with a gift certificate for a class. Eagle Rock Brew Supply’s next Beginning Home Brewing Class is only $10 a class and the Man ‘o the House can apply $5 of that towards a brew kit that night.

Even better, the next Beginning Home Brewing Class is conveniently scheduled from 5-8: p.m.—Galvin advises arriving at 4:30 p.m.—on Sunday, June 26: a week after Father’s Day. That means Dad (and you) can immediately start reaping the benefits of the Father’s Day gift that is sure to keep on giving.

Eagle Rock Brewery:  Whether a brewer or just a quaffer, Dad will definitely appreciate more insight on the art and science behind his drink of choice.  The brew crew over at Eagle Rock Brewery—the first brewery with operations in Los Angeles in over 60 years—offers Beer Education classes ($30) at their Eagle Rock-adjacent taproom.

Hops Part Deux, the Brewery’s next class on June 28 from 7-9 p.m., will offer a “fresh and different look into the role that hops play in beers and explore the characteristics of hop varietals.” Of course, students learn best when the class materials are both relevant and high quality so of course, Eagle Rock Brewery will have a hand-picked selection of beers on hand so Dad gets hands-on experience.

Says Eagle Rock Brewery: “You thought you knew it all when it came to hops … we’ll show you more.”

Happy Father’s Day to the dads of Eagle Rock and beyond!


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