TV Seeks Local Small Businesses for Makeover

The production company that brought you "Kitchen Nightmares" is looking for small businesses to make over.

Perhaps you've visited . The old-school Italian place had a reality show makeover this past year by Chef Gordon Ramsay and his Fox series Kitchen Nightmares.

Well, Ramsay won't be involved this time, but the producers of Kitchen Nightmares are looking for local small businesses that want to be part of a new series they're developing.

Here's what Grace Kim, who's working on the casting, told us in an email:

"With today's economy, a lot of businesses are struggling and trying to stay afloat and we're seeking small business in need of advice and/or help.

"Our host will spend a few days with a local business owner and go over his or her company from top to bottom in order to increase business."

Kim can't say who the host will be. But she did say he or she would be "entrepreneur who is a self-made millionaire and has worked with a lot of different businesses in various industries."

Check out the accompanying flyer for contact info.


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