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It's election season...but this is the one that really effects your community. I'm running for President of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council!

Participating in local government has never been on my list of things to do, but here I am running for President of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council.

My name is Cathi Milligan and I've been Economic Development Chair for over a year and I think this is my next step. Participating in my community began with the York vision meetings put together by Councilman José Huizar. I have a small business located on York and I felt that this impacted my store as well as the community. It was exciting to participate in this project and see the hard work we were doing actually make a difference. We're getting one of Los Angeles' first parklets, also known as street porches, here on York between Avenues 50 and 51, and a small park at the corner of York and Ave 50. Through this participation I was recruited to join the neighborhood council.

Before I move onto my experience on the council I want to give a bit of background on myself. I've lived in Southern California all of my life, having arrived here at 2 months old from Sweden. I've lived in Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Mid Wilshire, Hollywood, Silverlake, Atwater and now for 10 years Highland Park. I love Highland Park! I've never felt such a strong sense of community. Just over 2 years ago I opened my glass business on York, called The Glass Studio, and the community participation began.

Not only am I on the neighborhood council but last year I became Executive Director of NELAart. We have Second Saturday Gallery Night as well as other events and programs to help artists in our community. Highland Park has such a rich history in the arts, and NELAart really wants to keep this alive as well as grow opportunities for artists, and educate the community on the arts.  

Back to the neighborhood council. One of the reasons I'd like to be President of the HHPNC is to help bring it up to its fullest potential. Part of the duties of the Council is to distribute City funding to worthy causes in Highland Park that  
help people and their projects. The other part is to work together to create community projects that improve the quality of the lives of our neighbors in Highland Park. But what does that really mean? It means listening to people about what they want, not just thoughtlessly funding the same pet projects year after year. It's about creating situations that assist more people and fulfill their needs more effectively: arts and education, programs to give kids greater opportunities. It’s about creating cooperative projects that get people working together, not pulling them apart.  

I've seen in-fighting on the council about funding and at times felt an us against them kind of atmosphere that wastes time and energy and keeps the council from really getting things done. This is about working together, for the benefit of the community.

So come on out on October 13 and vote for who will be on the board of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council. This is where you vote and actually impact your very own community. And then come to meetings and tell us what you'd like to do.  

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The MOG September 28, 2012 at 10:11 PM
You know what they say, Cerro, to err is human, to blame it on someone else shows good management potential! Now, let's move on, shall we? I'm getting a little tired of it, aren't you? Got to go...
David Fonseca September 28, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Yeah, MOG, I was at the meeting too. I watched the whole exchange. I know the speaker you are talking about. I'll give him a shout, see if we can't get to the bottom of this increasingly bizarre matter.
The MOG September 29, 2012 at 01:04 AM
I'll say it was bizarre. I didn't see any call for it. The use of this word, "caboose", seemed inappropriate. Especially the way Chris said it. He was holding a note card in his hand, looking down at it, sort of shuffling his feet, if memory serves correctly. Where I'm from you talk to a man eye to eye. With all due respect to Chris, it looked like he was afraid to look your friend in the eye. If it had been me, I would have been a bit more agressive in my stakeholder right to to be heard. Of course, your friend was a gentleman about it, but Chris, I feel, can try to be intimidating. As I think the emails he sent out after the fb flare-up demonstrates. The whole affair just didn't pass the smell test. Something fishy about it. If my candidacy should be successful, and I know it's a long shot, I promise not to let things like that happen. It's about Equality.
The MOG October 05, 2012 at 06:58 AM
I was @ tonight's neighborhood council meeting, & I can say without fear of contradiction, or correction, that Cathi Milligan is something that ryhmes with Witch. She absolutely does not have the even temperment requiste to conduct meetings fairly & imparticially. She's a female retread of current presiding chair, Chris Smith. I happened 2 B seated next to another candidate, Harvey Slater, who confirmed my suspicions that Mr. Smith favor's Milligan's candidacy. I remind stakeholders that Chris mass emailed a public admonishment to Miss Alcaraz, re: his friend, C. Milligan's highly inappropriate posting on HHPNC fb pg. (btw, a candidate running 4 pres. should be smart enough 2 know, that what she did was stupid) It was Mr. Smith who deligated admins. fb pg in the 1st place. Which convinces me the whole thing was a cheap chicken manure of a dirty political trick, designed to make Monica look bad. & that's 2 bad. Because we have candidates, current board members who are committed to putting an end to that type of pettiness, that only divides & obstructs. & as the minutes will reflect, that Msssss Milligan finds it "amusing" that someone like Monica, who has completed the State Required Ethics Training, deserves to be ridiculed as posing as "an expert", by the opposing candidate 4 the chair of the board of the HHPNC. It was very inappropriate & classless besides. It was ugly & meanspirited. I will add that Harvey confided that he didn't want 2 run, but Chris put him up to it.
The MOG October 05, 2012 at 07:00 AM
cont. #1, If Mssssss Milligan wanted 2 shoot her mouth off the way she did 2nite, she should have had the testicular fortitude to do so @ Tues. Forum. Voters deserve 2 know what kind of vicious pettiness this she-cat is. #2, if Mr. Slatter doesn't want the job, he should pull out right now, & give someone who truly desires 2 serve a chance, like young Araceli. May she never be discouraged by the piss poor example she saw 2nite, & may God Bless her idealism. Also, & I want the editor Mr. Fonseca 2 take notice of this, the same way he did when one of his gay friend's was excluded, because this time it was a fellow member of the board who Chris tried to intimidate into silence, Paul. Whom Chris actually threatened 2 have this hard working ( I don't see Mr. Smith dragging his happy arse around, pitching in, lending a hand...2busy "networking" w/all the beautiful people, I guess.) board member ejected, or he was going to unilaterally shut dowm the meeting. I wished 2 God it had been me. I would have given Mr. Smith the dressing down of his life, his red neck would have gotten 3 shades redder! All this, so he could allow his hormonally challenged pal, Cathi Milligan, to spew her hatered. Telling 1 fellow member, "I'm not talking to you!" Ironically, all this took place during a discussion on ethics! Harvey also confirmed that there is indeed a slate of newbies, pals of Chris', that r attempting to take over our council. The absolute nerve of these metro-sexual, yuppified gentry!


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