5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Eagle Rock

When it comes to giving thanks, nothing beats simplicity and sincerity.

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays during which we all risk focusing on the celebration and not quite enough on expressing our gratitude for all that we have, whether it be good health, a job, family, friends—or the good fortune of living in a neighborhood such as Eagle Rock, whose rich history of volunteerism is being kept alive by the remarkable deeds of many Eagle Rockers.

Of all the way to celebrate Thanksgiving, none is probably better than to take a moment to give back to the neighborhood. Here are four simple, suggested ways:

1. Take a walk in the neighborhood—and perform one good deed while on your way, whether it's picking up trash, reporting graffiti or offering a meal to someone needy.

2. Plant a tree.

3. Support a local business. Don't just patronize it—express your gratitude to the proprietor for sticking it out in these tough economic times. Bring a card, a single flower, a cheery smile—or all of the above.

4. Plan a neighborhood picnic or football game at a local park such as the Eagle Rock Recreation Center.

5. Share the story of your Thanksgiving deed with your family or friends over dinner and ask them to share their stories of the day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

ROBERT E. FISHBACK November 22, 2012 at 10:37 PM
Some cards are stacked against me here, but, I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and have since 1960. I lived and grew up in Glendale and grad from GHS in 1957. Just reading your patch, I feel a sense of peeking in some window at a very special family who kind of hang together in a community sort of way. I feel the same about Highland Park. L.A. is like a huge number of families all living in the same house. Over fifty towns all fastened together. Some get the breaks and some don't and politics is the referee in this game. The only thing I know about E.R. is it is the site of the "Suicide Bridge" and has the Eagle Rock. I also have heard that it was the center of very cool Hot Rods..perhaps "low riders" When we moved to Glendale in 1944, Glendale was a WASP town. People of color needed to be out of town by Sunset....Now, the Armenians pracically own it. All of us are Human and have feelings and that is good enough for me. Just know that a person who is getting old now bids you a hello and I am thankful you are working for your town.....God Bless Bob
Ajay Singh (Editor) November 23, 2012 at 04:49 AM
Bob—thanks for your kind, spot-on sentiments. How serendipitous that you stumbled on this Patch. Yes, Eagle Rock—and Highland Park, too—has a great history, including those low riders you refer to. We do have the Eagle Rock. Suicide Bridge, however, is about a mile or more outside Eagle Rock in Pasadena. You can find an interesting read about Eagle Rock's history, on the eve of its centennial year in 2011, here: http://patch.com/A-K7d. Best wishes to you—and Tulsa—from Eagle Rock.


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