Why the ERNC Wants You to Attend Tonight’s Bike Lanes Meeting

Councilmember José Huizar will preside over a major meeting on Colorado Boulevard bike lanes at 7 p.m. at the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock.

A public meeting about bicycle lanes on Colorado Boulevard is scheduled today, Monday, at 7 p.m., and the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council strongly encourages residents and stakeholders to attend it.

Click here to read the latest Eagle Rock Patch story about bike lanes and Monday’s meeting.

In a newsletter e-mail blast to subscribers Sunday, the ERNC called the bike lanes meeting “perhaps the most important” on the subject yet.

“Yeah, we know, there have been like a million meetings about bike lanes on Colorado,” the e-mail said in a chatty tone, highlighting some words in boldface. “But this one is different for two reasons: 1. Because our Councilperson, José Huizar, will be there, and 2. Because you are the ones who made it happen!”

Here is the rest of the ERNC’s e-mail:

“The ERNC voted unanimously in April to support the DOT's buffered bike lane plan for Colorado Boulevard*, based on the overwhelmingly positive public input we received from residents and business owners. We're officially on board with the plan, and we've been working tirelessly to make sure that Eagle Rock gets the best and most out of it we can.

“One of the concerns we heard from individuals and especially businesses was that while bike lanes were a good idea, there were other problems on Colorado that needed to be addressed—like parking, left turns, and those nutty medians, left over from when trolley cars ruled the boulevard. Some of you suggested that since all the paint is going to be stripped off the streets when the bike lanes go down, why not use this opportunity to fix a whole host of existing traffic problems?

“We've tried hard to make sure that the good folks at the DOT and Mr. Huizar's office heard this message—and now they're coming to town with a revised plan for the bike lanes that is way more specific than it's been in the past. And they're asking for your input about the design. So come on down with your ideas and questions, and let's have a great discussion that will result in a bike lane and re-striping plan that will make Colorado the best it can possibly be—for all of us.

“If you own a business on Colorado Boulevard, or if you're a parent who walks, bikes, or drives to school on Colorado, please sign up for a speaker card. Councilperson Huizar and the DOT will be listening.

“*As a reminder, "buffered bike lanes" are lanes reserved for bike travel that are shared with autos turning onto side streets or parking along the curb -- and of course, emergency vehicles. When the bike lanes are installed, Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock will go from 6 lanes of auto traffic to 4 lanes of autos + 2 buffered bike lanes. Among the benefits that we hope will result are that the existing freeway speeds on Colorado may slow down, and our town's main street will be a happier, healthier place to drive, walk, bike, shop, and eat.”

Hart Fisher June 03, 2013 at 06:35 PM
At 7pm tonight Jose Huizar will be presenting his/the city's plan to create a unsafe & hazardous environment for The Handicapped, the Aged & the Disabled. I will be there in person to fight their radical unsafe plans for our city streets. Come make your voice heard at Center for the Arts Eagle Rock at 2225 Colorado Blvd., LA, CA 90041. This idiocy that screws over old people, handicapped people & disabled people is being rammed down cities across California. Listen up about it here on this week's Hart Attack (pardon the slow load time, there's a boatload of people downloading this thing) http://1201beyond.com/archives/hart-attack/hart-attack-004.mp3
Michael Larsen June 03, 2013 at 07:56 PM
Once again, Hart Fisher using an important (Eagle Rock) community issue to market and plug his personal media business.
Mauricio Osorio June 04, 2013 at 01:33 AM
Agree with Michael, this is an important meeting. Looking forward to all the feedback about it here.
Hart Fisher June 04, 2013 at 03:54 AM
"You don't get to vote. Your vote doesn't count." Jose Huizar. to the citizens of Eagle Rock. That's right, according to Jose, your vote doesn't count. He's already made up his mind. He didn't care when law enforcement spoke out against this, he didn't care when the fire department of the neighborhood spoke out against the removal of vehical lanes... but we did find out just how much the city is paid, $65,000 per mile allocated to the city if they remove vehicle lanes. Out of that $$$ what's Jose's kickback? We know why they're paying bike riders to do the surveys, but is that fair? Would you hire a car dealer to do the survey? Anyone who has a vested interest in the outcome of the survey should be the last person hired. But you hire bike guys to do a traffic survey? That's like child molestors questioning kids about their home work. We know the city is paying political bloggers to harass anyone who opposes this plan. How about you Mikey? You getting paid to screw over the other citizens of Eagle Rock & Highland Park? We know the result of tonight's meeting... Jose says he's the only voice that counts & he's voting bike lanes on Colorado. Fire, Cop, Motorists... They don't matter to Jose. He only cares about that big city kick back... Oh, by the way, the owners of Casa Bianca & other businesses were there to speak out AGAINST the removal of vehicle lanes but they, like myself, were banned from talking... Funny how that works when you fight the fascists. Anytime you tell me my vote doesn't count, or I don't even get to vote, that's un-american. This thing was a done deal for political back room double dealing. It's an insult to every voting citizen of the neighborhood. It's a top down dictatorship & Jose proved it with what he said at tonight's meeting. "You don't get to vote" Listen up to the truth, I've been covering the vehicle removal plan since March. You can listen up on my latest coverage right here on Hart Attack: http://1201beyond.com/archives/hart-attack/hart-attack-004.mp3 Forget about the propaganda put forth on these pages by paid political bloggers, listen up to the truth of how you're bein' screwed. The truth will set you free.


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