Pasadena Patch to Launch Thursday

The latest Patch site—bordering Eagle Rock—will be your go-to spot for arts, culture, food and community conversation in Pasadena.

Late last month, Eagle Rock Patch ran an article titled "What do you Tell People When They Don't Know Where Eagle Rock is?" Five of the 11 readers who responded to the question said they tell people that Eagle Rock is located between Glendale and Pasadena. "When the lights don't go on," remarked longtime Eagle Rocker Bob Arranaga, he offers this clue: "Do you know where the Rose Bowl is? Yes, well we are five minutes from it."

Of course. Who hasn't heard of the Rose Bowl. Or the Tournament of Roses. And so, is it any wonder that people across the San Gabriel Valley ask: Why isn't there a Pasadena Patch?

The question is about to become redundant. Tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 27, Pasadena is going to get its own Patch. Ture, the City of Pasadena has more zip codes than some towns can claim streets. But surely the Pasadena community needs its own news, business and information platform, not least because there's always so much going on in the city. Pasadena Patch will be a valuable addition to our nationwide network of nearly 900 towns.

Come check out the site on Thursday—and if you want to meet some of the team in person, come out to the Pasadena Humane Society's Wiggle Waggle Walk on Sunday—we'll be out there taking pictures and introducing ourselves around.

Some people ask why launch in Pasadena? It's a valid question. After all, Pasadena already has a number of established media outlets, including the Pasadena Star-News, the Pasadena Weekly, Pasadena Now, and the Los Angeles Times' new venture, the Pasadena Sun. We know there is a lot of news coverage coming from those sources already.

But that's also why Pasadena Patch wants to have a unique focus that is a little different from those sources: The site wants to be your place for Pasadena arts, culture and food as well as community events that are sometimes overlooked within the city. Pasadena Patch will be starting by focusing on those topics, while providing links to other media coverage of crime, city hall and other important news topics in the city.    

A team of editors will run the site, and you will see contributions from Patch reporters in South Pasadena, Altadena, Arcadia, Montrose and Monrovia. The whole team can be reached at pasadena-ca@patch.com. News tips or questions could also be sent directly to Assistant Regional Editors Dan Abendschein (dan.abendschein@patch.com) and Redmond Carolipio (redmond.carolipio@patch.com).  

Pasadena Patch will be a place where you can connect with your neighbors to discuss the things that are most important to you and share them with others by posting your own events, announcements, photos and videos. The site will be a place for people to keep track of what's going on in the Crown City.

Starting Sept. 27, you can read Pasadena Patch at www.pasadena-ca.patch.com. There is already another Pasadena Patch in Pasadena, Maryland, so note that Pasadena Patch includes the state's postal code in its address. 

If you have a Pasadena business, you can add it to the site's free business directory, and if you claim your listing, you'll find free tools to help you promote your business.

Pasadena Patch hope you'll get involved! Users make Patch lively, interactive information hubs. You can contribute by commenting, submitting events and announcements, blogging or just letting us know what's happening.  

Pasadena Patch is currently signing up bloggers. If you have a passion about something—your school, your pets, your church, anything—fill out the form with this article. You can also use this form to sign up for our Pasadena Patch newsletter.

To advertise, contact Pasadena Patch's sales team led by David Peck at davidp@patch.com

The site also has a Pasadena Patch Facebook page, where you can enjoy the social media conversations, and a Pasadena Patch Twitter page for following news as it develops.

Questions? Ideas? Email pasadena-ca@patch.com.

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Richard Friedberg (Candidate 51st A,D,) November 18, 2012 at 02:54 PM
Three things I go to Pasadena for 1)steak at that Argentina Restaurnat on Colorado 2) Salmon at Barney's on Colorado Bl. 3) Crate & Barrel for stuff for the house.


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