Hey Guys, Need Some Cool Valentine's Gift Ideas for Your Lady?

Roses and chocolates and jewelry, oh my! 'Tis the season to get your sweetie something that says, "I Love You"—we've got quite the rockin' gift guide to help you out.

Let's face it—Valentine's Day is really a holiday for the ladies. Guys not only don’t care as much about it as we do, they are also sometimes a wee bit clueless as to what's expected. Yes, I said "expected" and whether you like it or not, your wife, girlfriend, or mother does expect some token of your love on what you may consider this silly little Hallmark holiday.

But don't worry, a sweet and thoughtful Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to cost a lot and it doesn't have to be hard to figure out. In fact, I've done the legwork for you and scoured my favorite Eagle Rock shops once again to come up with a slew of romantic gift ideas—for all budgets—you can get your loved one Feb. 14.

Print this out, guys, and hit those shops!

1. Rose Incense: For just $1 a box, The Sniveling Sibling (5028 Eagle Rock Blvd., 323-344-0606) has delightful rose-scented incense in rose-adorned box.

2. French Soaps: Ladies love beautiful-smelling bath treats, so consider a bar or two of Pre de Provence Triple Milled French Soaps for just $5 each from (5060 Eagle Rock Blvd., 323-258-2465).

3. Chocolates: We don't care if a heart-shaped box of chocolates is cliché, we like them. Buy them for us. (, 2626 Colorado Blvd., 323-258-1355) has quite the selection of Valentine's Day chocolates to choose from for very reasonable prices. For your sweetie, Ghiradelli is the best brand they sell, but Hershey's is quite yummy and modern. For your Grandma or mom, Whitman's and Russell Stover are a-okay. Most of the heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are $9.99.

4. Flowers: Another cliché? Sure. Do we care? Nope. Like chocolates, flowers are a staple of Valentine's Day and always a welcome gift. The most modern florist in town is (2040 Colorado Blvd., 323-550-1555), which is going outside of the dozen-red-roses box this year with a fun selection of floral arrangements in all prices ranges, including everything from roses to orchids to tulips. My favorite is their classic red rose still-life-in-a-glass tube that has 12 premium red roses and organic wood and leaf whips for $65.00.

5. Lockets: Romantic and old-fashioned, lockets are a lovely idea for a V-Day gift, and (5048 Eagle Rock Blvd., 323-550-8941) has two stellar pieces by Jenny Dayco. One is a gold locket ring (a real locket, so you can put a photo of you and your sweetie in it) for $36 and the other is a pair of heart-shaped gold locket earrings with black bows for $42. To.Die.For!

6. Heart-Shaped Necklaces: The heart is one of local designer and shop owner Leanna Lin's favorite motifs and her store, (5024 Eagle Rock Blvd., 323-550-1332), is chock full of heart-shaped items perfect for Cupid's holiday. There's a selection of her own colorful, whimsical, and young Leanna Lin necklaces, with heart pendants, as well as vintage heart necklaces and heart-shaped charms by Biliana ranging from about $36-$98. And good news, she's having a jewelry sale until Feb. 13, with 15 percent off vintage and handmade jewelry and 25 percent off Leanna Lin's own jewelry. Also, has a different kind of heart pendant necklaces available—chunkier silver necklaces more for the rock and roll set that range from about $145-$270 by designer Kimberly Baker.

7. Heart-Shaped Anything: Hearts run amok at on a variety of great gift items, including hand-crocheted phone cozies by , a vintage "Love" doll by Josef from the '70s for $24, ceramic coasters or trivets made from recycled tiles by Robot Candy for $10 each, and Mine Design candles for $12 (tins) or $22 (glass jar, which can be reused as a jewelry box when the candle burns out) in the scents Belgian berry, peony, and lotus flower. 

8. Sexy Lingerie: For that sexy someone, both (, 2700 Colorado Blvd., 323-258-8303) and Target have nicely priced lingerie, panties with hearts on them, and retro-looking baby doll nighties. Gilligan & O'Malley's chiffon number at in red and black is just $19.99, and Macy's has pink, black, and red sets by Linea Donatella for $42.

9. Cute Jammies: If your gal's not the lingerie type, consider a cute tank top/boy shorts set of jammies in black, with pink hearts by Xhilaration for just $14.99 at . When in doubt, buy her a small and save the receipt so she can return it for her right size. If you get your lady a size larger than she is, you might be mopping up some tears on this holiday instead of making beautiful music together.

10. Spa Girl Skin & Body Boutique: Treat her to a day of pampering at our own (2769 W. Broadway St., 323-256-6443), which is offering some a Valentine's Day Aromatic Sampler, with a 60-minute Spa Girl Classic Valentine's Facial and a 30-minute Chocolate Mousse Swedish Massage. Or, when in doubt, a gift card will do just fine.

In case you missed it, the gift guide for guys is available here.


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