How to Live with a Detested Teacher at School?

She gets results—but at a cost many students can’t stand.

From an Eagle Rock mom:

"We’ve always loved being at our local Eagle Rock public school, but this year’s not proven ideal.

"My son has gotten a teacher he dislikes extremely. According to my son, the teacher singles out kids to humiliate and then does so in front of the whole class. This teacher has a solid reputation—other students and their parents have loved her. And although she has some innovative teaching techniques, those don’t outshine the constant fear among students of being singled out for punishment.

"I can’t transfer him to the other class because it’s bursting at the seams. What would you do?"

AFG September 03, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Is this elementary school as opposed to secondary? You should just show up in he classroom, unannounced, to observe frequently. Or talk to the principal. NO matter the results it's not good to do that to kids.
Chip September 03, 2012 at 10:03 PM
How about your kid does his homework so he knows the classwork?
James September 03, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Have your son keep a journal of everything she does. If you have specifics, you'll have a better case against her. Then, talk to the principal. If nothing happens, go to the principal each time she does something in appropriate. There may be other ways to make your case too, with the district. They should be able to talk to the teacher and get her to modify her behavior. Good luck.
person September 04, 2012 at 04:34 AM
This letter is pretty vague. Unless more specific details are provided, is it even worth discussing? First of all, why does this student like or dislike the teacher? This is important. Is it personal preference? Is it because he doesn't like her teaching style? Is it because she gives a lot of work? Second, what does it mean when this mother writes that the teacher singles out her son and humiliates him in front of the class? Is there a reason why the teacher is singling out her son? What does humiliate mean in this instance? Could it possible mean that the son was showing no regret for not doing an assignment and the teacher called him on it? Maybe she's abusive? You see, unless you give more details, examples like this serve no purpose but to accuse teachers of wrong doings with no evidence, which ruins their reputation. Are there other examples of this teacher acting unprofessionally? And the headline insinuates that the teacher is detested at the school but in the letter the mother admits she is loved by most students. So, which is it? This is a very dangerous topic. To me, it feels like you're picking on teachers. The mother clearly states that the teacher is an good teacher and is loved by most students. The way I see it, the son got caught doing something wrong in front of the class and the teacher voiced her displeasure in front of the whole class, which she has every right to since she is the teacher. Provide more details or move on.


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