L.A. Times: Tensions Between Gabriella Charter and Logan Elementary Rise

The Times shines a spotlight on the long-smoldering tensions at the Echo Park campus. How do they do?


The Los Angeles Times reports Monday about the tensions between Logan Elementary and Gabriella Charter School, LAUSD and charter schools that share a campus--and limited space--in Echo Park. 

The Times does not mention it, but Gabriella's charter and facilities use permit were recently renewed for five years by the LAUSD trustees at an acrimonious board meeting.

So those issues are not likely to go away, though LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy has been charged with coming up with a plan that will not stifle growth for either school.

Loyal readers will know we've covered this subject for a long time as part of our larger ongoing coverage of the charter school movement in general.

We've also had great participation by bloggers in the community around the issues raised when two schools share a campus--and when they're both growing.

(See a few of those pieces below.)

Tell us what you think of the Times piece and maybe volunteer a comment or a blog yourself. 

Click through to read it here.

And consider this: are Echo Park and Silver Lake doing a better job now communicating around the issue of charter schools?

We think so--and we've been watching for a while.


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Cheryl Ortega November 27, 2012 at 03:45 PM
The issue of a public school and a semi-private/charter school occupying the same campus is not about "getting along." It's about equity of access to a good education for students of both schools. It's about Logan's students being denied that equity to better resources and facilities because the Gabriella school is consuming public school space. The Logan middle school, like any other, needs science and computer labs, a library, a gym and locker room. They do not have these things because the Gabriella school has the rooms that would have been used for these facilities. The Logan preschool was closed so that Gabriella could have a dance studio. If LAUSD supports the students it has an obligation to, it will find a suitable alternative campus for Gabriella.
Dwain Wilson November 27, 2012 at 08:59 PM
Thanks Cheryl for speaking the truth. What we have allowed to be created is a "not-so-separate and very-unequal" educational system. It is shameful.
Robert D. Skeels November 28, 2012 at 10:01 AM
The photo the Times used for the lead in to the piece (not in the piece itself) illustrates the stark class and race differences between the well funded, privately managed charter and the community public school it occupies. I tweeted that photo here, guess which side of the photo is Logan ES and which is Gabriela Charter Corporation. https://twitter.com/RDSkeels4LAUSD/status/273166057945042946
Community Watch December 03, 2012 at 06:34 PM
With all due respect I think you really should see this from a more modern point of view. I am a former Logan student who graduated more than a decade ago and honestly I think Logan teachers like you should spend more time giving the students a good education. Logan's plan to expand is only coming out of envy after seeing Gabriella do so well. I mean come on who are you Logan teachers and parents trying to fool. Back in my days there was no such thing as a gym and locker room so why are you asking for it now when it has never been there? There is no building in the campus that is suitable for a locker room let alone a gym. All these extra amenities would not be necessary if Logan had not decided to expand. I mean if the school can't even give the K-5 students a good education why would you add a middle school? I was placed in the magnet program after Logan in both middle and high school and I am now a student at USC so I am proof to you that if all of you Logan teachers sit down and do your job you can give those students a good education. Stop this animosity with Gabriella. You're only wasting your time. Gabriella will be there for the next 5 years. Will you continue this animosity for 5 more years because you just can't see others doing better than you? Maybe Logan needs to reevaluate their teachers as some of the teachers I had in my days are still there. The problem isn't the colocation with Gabriella. The problem is Logan needs fresh new teachers.


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