Readers' Choice: Capri Wins Best Pizza Poll

51 percent voters back longtime Eagle Rock eatery still on Kitchen Nightmares roll.

Call it twin power—or chalk it up to rebirth—but this much is clear about winner of our Best Pizza poll, which was launched Monday and has garnered no less than 404 votes: 51 percent of the respondents voted for the as their top choice for pizza.

Congratulations to Capri’s well-known twin owners Jeff and Jim Thiel. (Somebody call Chef Gordon Ramsay—quick—many of us would love to know what the culinary makeover guru says about the Capri victory.)

And kudos to all our runners up!

The results:

Total votes: 404

: 210 (51 percent)
: 125 (30 percent)
: 51 (12 percent)
: 9 (2 percent)
: 4
: 3
: 2

Check back Monday for a new Readers' Choice poll!

STARCHY March 05, 2012 at 04:58 PM
not a chance. that "kitchen nightmares" show was revolting old dogs don't learn new tricks
Scott Martin-Rowe April 07, 2012 at 03:43 AM
What! I'm sorry, but when I tell people I live in Eagle Rock they ask me if I've tried the sausage and eggplant pizza at Casa Bianca. Casa Bianca all the way.


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