Blog: Peter G. Hilton Running for ERNC President

Peter G. Hilton, J.D., stands for public safety, education, business, employment and community preservation.

I am running for the position of President of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council.

I have been a resident and business owner of Eagle Rock for over 24 years; this community is an oasis hidden away from the turmoil of the rest of Los Angeles, and I am proud to be a member of the community.

Over the past two years I have served on the ERNC as a director of sub-district 4, which borders Yosemite to El Paso, Eagle Rock to Figueroa. It encompasses the Occidental College and Yosemite Park. As a resident, business owner and employee of the City of Los Angeles, I know all too well the needs of family and residents. I have children at both Eagle Rock Elementary and Eagle Rock High school and fully understand the growing tension in the education community.

I have also been the Chairman of the Planning and land Use Committee (PLUC) and working with Developers, Business and Residents we have approved and moved forward many new projects which have enhanced the Eagle Rock Community, allowed business to develop and community residents to become employed.

While many neighborhood council entities have floundered in a quagmire of arguments and a lack of coordination with their council member, we have coordinated and cooperated with our Council person José Huizar to make Eagle Rock a better place to live.

In the coming years our community will need a strong and dedicated people to lead the local ERNC to advance the community forward and to cooperate with the local city council person and give sound advice on community concerns.

Public Safety is always in the forefront, and we must be steadfast in our approaches to protect the young and elderly population of the community.

Residents must feel safe and free to go about their daily tasks free from the threat of harm and crime.

The recent issues involving Marijuana storefront businesses must be approached from a reasonable standpoint, it is not an all or nothing issue, but must be balanced with the promotion of medical needs for those who need the medicinal benefits of marijuana, against those who would abuse the law and use it for their own monetary and criminal purposes.

The court cases now making their way to the Supreme Court of California will allow us all to make better decisions on how to regulate and adopt the benefits of this issue for the community at large and its residents, I will abide by the courts decisions if elected to the Presidents position.

Education is must be dealt with at the local level and the overcrowding issues at our local schools must receive the priority attention it deserves. The School Board and the next Mayor must take a stand to make our schools better and hire teachers that are efficient and dedicated to educating our children, this is the future of our society and community. If elected to the  ERNC Presidents position, I will work towards this goal with Principals, Teachers, Community Leaders and the City Council.

The Business Community in Eagle Rock must believe we support them, their survival is critical to the community and the employment of our children in the future as they graduate from High School and College. We must balance business with residential areas and ensure parking is efficient as we expand business, and create efficient and  better parking plans, with outreach to the community.

The Colorado Boulevard specific plan must be continually reviewed to ensure its benefit to the Community and preservation of residential resources and quality of life in that area of the community.

In the President's position, I will dedicate myself to to protecting our community resources and its beauty. The ecological environment must be preserved and maintained. promoting a greener community and the expansion of low emission fuels and power will ensure the community survives. Balancing fossil fuel use and greener power will also allow us to compete in any marketplace and economy as a community.

I ask for your support to elect me to the position of President of the ERNC to ensure you have an elected leader who will work for you, we must open the doors of the ERNC to all and make it more accessible, as President I will use our council budget for your needs and not for a selected few who take the grant money and spend it out of the community. As President I will promote and ensure grant funds are used in the Eagle Rock Community for business, educational and residential improvement.

If you have questions or would like to contribute to my campaign I can be reached at (323) 982-9863 or by e-mail at philton@lalossprevention.com. Checks can be mailed to 4763 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90041, made payable to Peter G. Hilton (ERNC Election Campaign).

Yours Respectfully,

Peter G. Hilton

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S.M. October 02, 2012 at 08:17 AM
I had one encounter with Hilton that wasn't very pleasant. I was cycling on the Eagle Rock Boulevard bike lane. I reached a point at which I dismounted my bike in order to move an advertising sign for one of Hilton's businesses (when it was located further south on ER Blvd by Ave 45 ) that had been illegally placed in the bike lane. Hilton was sitting outside of his business and saw me move it. After this encounter his signage was never in the bike lane but it's curious that someone working for the DOT's parking enforcement would even have the idea to place an advertisement in the bike lane at all.
peter hilton October 03, 2012 at 02:59 AM
Hey Hey Hey, "Do you have a friend running against me?" Oh Oh Oh! 7 Months ago? And was not the encounter with the sign board not me? And it was never again in the bike lane? Wow, you are a great mentor, my hero? Is the sign board running for office? Is this not a long time to still harbor this? Do you always keep this type of anger inside you? How many parking tickets have you gotten? Do you need to see a counselor? I have the number to Lindsay Lohans? Only kidding on that one. Please vote for me on October 13, 2012, Saturday and I promise never to leave a sign board in the bike lane again, I learned my lesson. Am I okay to skateboard in the bike lane? Have a great day S. Martinez, great story, lighten up dude, smoke a joint, see Tim Ryder?
S.M. October 03, 2012 at 03:23 AM
You know, the mature thing to do would be to apologize for having your business' sign placed in a bike lane. We made eye contact during this encounter: you didn't offer to move the sign nor did you apologize for illegally placing it in the bike lane, you just watched as you sat in your plastic chair. Now in your comment, you've decided to defend your disregard for the legal status of the bike lane and disregard the safety of people that use that bike lane. But it doesn't stop there, now you – a DOT employee in parking enforcement – mock me for being critical of your illegal action? Are you proud of your actions and your pathetic response?
VSánJr October 03, 2012 at 04:35 AM
Yeah seriously man, what's with the immature overreaction. "Jaja jeje" in trying to mock Mr. Martinez here, but don't you think a Neighborhood President should act more patiently and composed than that? These concerns may seem nit-picky but at the end of the day they are that, concerns--concerns from the very residents you speak to want to represent. Mr. Ryder would surely agree, citing you treat discussions with "open mindness and respect."
B00ty_ |-| |_| |\| + 3 12 *ARRGHH!!* October 03, 2012 at 06:31 AM
Yea definitely not Neighborhood president quality.. smoke a joint? thats illegal buddy. i wouldnt want a druggy running for prez.


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