iPhone Bandits and Robbers

Has Eagle Rock become a touch more unsafe lately?

Drive-by laptop thefts and iPhone robberies on our streets? Eagle Rock citizens have been reading our latest report about iPhone bandits with concern. A few of you have written in to say that these street crimes are disturbing. The assaults don’t seem to stop at techie gear either. One Eagle Rocker relayed another story—that his friend, a man in his 20s, had been assaulted a few months ago in front of the Colorado Starbucks for his wallet and jacket. He managed to maneuver away from his assailant and get safely inside the coffee house to call for help but he has not been back to that Starbucks since.

What do you think, Eagle Rockers? Has the town become a more dangerous place to live lately? Or are these crimes petty?

If you are concerned about the recent crimes, what do you think we can do to make the streets and businesses areas safer? Former Police Chief Bill Bratton once said that the only way to stop crime from escalating is by adhering to the “broken-windows rule”—once you start spotting windows in the town that offenders have damaged by throwing rocks or bottles you have to crack down in order to send a message that the neighborhood will not tolerate such matters, no matter how trivial.

What do you believe it will it take to stop the street thefts and assaults?   


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