Is the LAPD's ‘Zero Tolerance’ in Highland Park Also Benefiting Eagle Rock?

Gang-related violence in Highland Park has prompted an LAPD crackdown lately that appears to have lowered crime there as well as in Eagle Rock.

The Los Angeles Police Department recently stepped up enforcement in Highland Park and enforced a “zero tolerance” policy toward gangs in the neighborhood following violent encounters between rival members, according to Senior Lead Officer Craig Orange, who is in charge of public safety in Eagle Rock.

(Orange told Eagle Rock Patch during the Aug. 7 National Night Out celebration at Eagle Rock Plaza that a number of gang members in Highland Park had been arrested. On Aug. 2, a gang member alleged to be a notorious auto thief was arrested at Eagle Rock Plaza.)

According to Highland Park Patch, Crimemapping.com data shows that just one violent crime (a shooting at a moving vehicle) occurred in the neighborhood between Aug. 1 and Aug. 15. That’s in stark contrast to the 13 violent crimes—including many shootings—reported in Highland Park July 15 through July 31.

The reduced crime in Highland Park appears to be having a salutary effect on crime in Eagle Rock. Crimemapping.com data shows that in the week from July 29 through Aug. 4, no more than four crimes were reported—two thefts, a burglary and an attempted burglary from a vehicle.

The numbers were far lower than the 10 crimes reported during the previous week—including four stolen vehicles.

Here, then, is the Eagle Rock crime blotter for the week of July 29, according to Crimemapping.com:

Monday, July 30

At 8:45 p.m. on Monday—A theft valued at $950 or more occurred on the block of 1000 Colorado Blvd.

Tuesday, July 31

At 2 a.m. on Tuesday—A burglary intended to commit a theft or a felony was committed on the block of 1500 Yosemite Dr.

Wednesday, Aug. 1

At 12 noon on Wednesday—A theft valued at $950 or more was reported from a vehicle on the block of 4400 York Blvd., near the Eagle Rock Boulevard intersection.

Friday, Aug. 3

At 8 p.m. on Friday—A burglary from a vehicle was attempted on the block of 4400 York Blvd., near the Eagle Rock Boulevard intersection.

Marcus August 16, 2012 at 09:38 PM
Yes school has to be strong part of a young person's life. But a positive family influence is key too. Who knows why kids get lured into gangs, but I guess it's a lack of either or even a combination of the two. No parents, over strict parents, parents who don't care etc, plus poor school environment etc. I was always impressed how some proactive individuals in the media pop up being thanked for running community centers or similar that offer hope to kids growing up in tough communities
Nelson R Grande II August 16, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Absolutely. I agree that family does, indeed, play a major role. Maybe some more Family Community Programs can be added to those extracurricular school activities. :) I'd be all for that.
carol van beek August 17, 2012 at 02:32 AM
@Nelson, kids are only in school 35 hours a week. Their job is to educated them in academics. They are the parents responsibility the other 133 hours. It's the parents job to do all the things you expect from schools.
AFG August 17, 2012 at 10:21 PM
If we were teaching in Utopia, Nelson, perhaps the school could do all you suggest, but we're not. There are budget cuts upon budget cuts along with out of touch administrations and a downtown element that seeks only to protect their own. Because of that the waste of money continues as does the never ending lack of giving it to the classroom last. We have taught for over 30 years and they went forward to ultimately end up where they started. This year they raised the class size to 42+. At ERHS you have the implementation of IB curriculum which takes 2 1/2 hours per two weeks in core academics away, to add mandatory art and stupid study tech. AT ER yo can't even take journalism if you are an athlete. They didn't have the money to implement IB as it was intended, but they did it to look good with the district. ERHS has a corrupt, controlling principal who has broken the laws, yet they still protect him. Until the communities rise up and demand that their tax dollars not be wasted I believe that they will continue to waste. It is so abominably hard to educate students academically with huge class size and no funding - so there's not much time left to educate them morally/socially, too. Good teachers do try their best, but education is in crisis and a drastic measure to put all the money in the classroom must be done. They also would benefit by overhauling the manner in which they find administrators and superintendents, making it more like civil service where you'd need to be..
AFG August 17, 2012 at 10:34 PM
cont'd : an experienced teacher in good standing for a number of years to even try to become an administrator. Next they should take the top candidate who then passes an oral and written test, sort of like the fire dept. Yes you could still end up with a jerk at the top, but you'd at least never end up with the proverbial fire chief who cannot put out a fire. That's what LAUSD has - superintendents who never even taught & principals who were lousy teachers. LAUSD needs to evaluate principals by his staff, then the BS/power tripping would stop & maybe education could get someplace. ERHS is just one example in a huge city and it's a good school, but look at the admin, the corruption, the lies, the illegalities. That guy admitted to blackmail in front of his superiors and he's STILL there. He harbored criminal activity and he's STILL there, but a lot of great teachers are not b/c LAUSD allowed him to manipulate and drive them away. We need to make those in charge (administrator) responsible for their awful planning and administration. The voters need to rise up and DEMAND better use of their money. A written agreement about what a child needs to do in school should be gotten from parents. That's what they do in charters that have great success. A teacher cannot do it all regardless of the class size, diminishing class time, etc. There should also be zero gang tolerance in school. Hopefully this could happen before they ruin the system completely w/ their greed and arrogance.


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