LAPD Northeast Captain Addresses Spike in Violent Crime (VIDEO)

William Murphy address crime throughout the district, including a recent surge in gang-related aggravated assaults in Highland Park.

LAPD Northeast Capt. William Murphy sat down for a webcast on Wednesday to address crime trends across the district, including a recent increase in aggravated assaults in Highland Park.

"Last week we had a bad week in aggravated assaults. We had 11 of them, six of them gang related. And in particular there's been some neighborhoods that have shown an increase in aggravated assaults, lately it's certainly been in the Highland Park area." Murphy said.

Murphy attributed the increase in aggravated assault in Highland Park to tensions between longstanding local gangs in the neighborhood. 

"We've been putting extra patrol in there, we have the gang unit that routinely works the Highland Park neighborhoods to keep a tab on the Highland Park gangs, and we've developed different strategies and methods to deal with that," he said. 

You can listen to Murphy address the gang issue at 7:30 p.m. in the webcast.

Other notable moments in the webcast include:

Murphy discusses upcoming Cinco De Mayo Events: 1:37

Murphy recaps crime trends over the last several years: 2:50

Crime Trends for 2012: 4:32

Lock it Hide it Keep Campaign: 5:20

Crime Stats for Apr. 22--Apr. 28: 6:30


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