LAPD Confirms iPhone Robberies

Victims, all in Eagle Rock, are invariably distracted while on their phones and taken by surprise.

The LAPD’s Northeast Division has confirmed that robbers have forced at least four people in Eagle Rock to hand over their iPhones over the past month.

The robberies, conducted in residential areas under threats of violence and invariably in the afternoon from 1:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., were first reported by the Eastsider LA website Thursday.

“It looks like the suspects are targeting victims who are either listening to music or talking on their phones while walking down the street and looking distracted,” Detective Martin told Eagle Rock Patch Friday. All the victims so far were taken by surprise, he added.

Martin also confirmed that the suspects are young men in a car and that the robberies are “fairly spread out over Eagle Rock.”

For fear of hindering the investigation, the detective declined to say how many suspects there are or what the make and model of their getaway cars might be. He also declined to say whether the LAPD has any leads in the case.


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