UPDATE: South Gate Police Associations Endorse Incumbents in Council Race

The South Gate municipal election is set to take place in early March.

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UPDATE at 12:23 p.m. on February 7, 2013: The South Gate Police Management Association, the union representing SGPD officers with a the rank of sergeant or higher, has also decided to endorse the incumbents. 

The Police Officers Association, the union representing non-management officers of the South Gate Police Department (SGPD), has informed Patch about their endorsements for the up and coming city council election.

“[On Tuesday] morning I called each of the candidates and personally thanked them for their input,” said Detective Heriberto Gutierrez, who serves as the president of the South Gate POA, in an email to Patch. “I also informed [Vice-Mayor Gil Hurtado] and [Mayor Bill De Witt] that they would be receiving the Police Officer's Association's endorsement.” 

Recently the POA interviewed all three of the candidates and had them answer a written questionnaire. The responses by each candidate to the latter will be published in the next few days by Patch. 

Gutierrez stated that the POA decided to back the candidates that it, “felt would continue to positively impact the City of South Gate.”

The election will take place on March 5th and only two of the three candidates will have the privilege of serving as councilmembers.

The POA also reached out to candidate Ricardo Reyes to let him know of their decision.

“I reached out to Rick Reyes and informed him that we would not be endorsing him,” said Gutierrez.  “He was understanding of the POA's decision.” 

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Cynthia February 09, 2013 at 12:27 AM
I agree with greenandtansuckingmedry, with the part about doing research and making a logical choice. Do look at the history of why the lawsuits happened, look at the minutes of the past Council Meetings, and talk to some of the people who helped with the recall of Albert Robles and then vote for the two most qualified candidates----Gil Hurtado and Bill De Witt.
Fabian Mejia February 09, 2013 at 08:53 AM
Congratulations to the incumbents. A POA endorsement speaks volumes. Public safety should be one of our top priorities. Lawsuits, deficits, and difficult business decisions/agreements are part of public administration. The key is foresight. Our council did not raise our taxes. Our tax rate is a bit higher because WE THE PEOPLE voted on & passed a law permitting increased taxes.
Tom February 10, 2013 at 08:30 AM
I too agree with greenandtansuckingmedry and Cynthia. I will be voting for Ricardo Reyes. I think Reyes' record of service to his community and country speaks for it's self. I know the residents of South Gate will benefit from his strong leadership and good judgement. A SGPD Police Officers Association endorsement means nothing to me. In the ten 20 yrs I've lived in South Gate, I have personally seen the credibility of SGPD go down hill fast. With the past and most recent lawsuits as an example and all the alligations of officers not being united. I have lost all faith in that broken disfunctional pd.
Cynthia February 14, 2013 at 05:28 PM
Tom, you read my post wrong I will NOT be voting for Rick Reyes. I will be voting for Gil Hurtado and Bill Dewitt. I have been involved as a volunteer for different programs in the City for many years, I've seen both Mr. Hurtado and Mr. De Witt give hours of their time (before they were on Council) to the Community. I saw how hard they worked on the recall. What I said I on post is do research on why the lawsuits happened look at the past minutes of Council meeting. And then vote for Gil Hurtado and Bill Dewitt, the Best choice for South Gate.
Cynthia March 01, 2013 at 12:38 AM
Tom, I have one question for you, what service to the community?


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