100 Eagle Rock Homes Without Water After Mains Burst

Water mains burst on two streets Sunday night as DWP began replacing a corroded 1924 pipe on Colorado.

Two water mains in Eagle Rock burst around 10 p.m. Sunday night and water was shut off to about 100 homes, just as the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) started a five-week project aimed at replacing a water pipeline on Colorado Boulevard between Eagle Rock Boulevard and Maywood Avenue.

The leaks, whose cause has not yet been determined, occurred on the 5200 block of Highland View Avenue, between Las Flores and Hill Drive; and on the south side of Grandola Avenue, one block east of Townsend.

Eagle Rock Patch was in the area to report on the DWP’s replacement of a highly corroded pipe installed in 1924 with a new 16-inch ductile iron water main that will improve the flow capacity of water in the area. (Watch for our upcoming story about the replacement of the Colorado main.)

Some 60 homes were without water on Highland View Avenue after a 6-inch pipe burst, partially flooding the street and a front lawn. A DWP crew repaired the burst pipe and restored water supply to the street by around 4 a.m., a spokesperson for the utility said.

On Grandola Avenue, a 4-inch pipe split, causing water to flood into a garage and wrecking a front yard nearby that has been freshly prepared for cement-pouring. A number of unaccounted items stored in the garage were damaged.

The home where the garage was located belonged to the Pina family—and Natalie Pina, a teenager, was at home when the pipe burst. “I heard a loud pop and then running water,” she told Eagle Rock Patch.

When she looked outside the window of her house--along with her parents, Pam Gonzalez and Cesar Pina--Natalie said she caught a glimpse of water pouring out from the curb. The water gushed into their front yard and down a gulley into their garage, causing up to 2-foot flooding in it.

A DWP leak-fixing crew responded to the burst pipes and started fixing the leak around midnight. Water on Grandola Avenue was shut off to about 40 homes to enable the repairs, which continuted through Monday morning. Water supply to homes on the street resumed around 6 a.m., according to a DWP spokesperson.


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