Five New Marijuana Dispensaries Open in Eagle Rock

Don’t be fooled by their ‘granola’ signs or officious-looking certificates.

When the City Council reviews a “gentle ban” on medical marijuana proposed by Council Member José Huizar—a discussion by the full Council was scheduled Friday but has been postponed—five new marijuana dispensaries in Eagle Rock will likely figure in the debate.

According to President Michael Larsen, who, along with President Bob Gotham, was scheduled to make a presentation before the City Council in support of Huizar’s proposal, the latest medical marijuana facilities to set up shop in Eagle Rock are:

Together For Change (click here to read our story about this Colorado Boulevard facility’s recent opening).

So Cal Herbal Care, 4344 Eagle Rock Blvd.

ER Wellness Group, 4682 York Blvd.

Elixir of Life Collective, 4515 York Blvd.

Colorado Quality Pain Relief Inc., 4740 Eagle Rock Blvd.

The opening of these facilities raises to 15 the total number of medical marijuana dispensaries in Eagle Rock, according to Larsen, who says he noticed them while driving around and then double-checked them either by going in or calling.

“The City does not track openings and closings” of medical marijuana dispensaries, explains Larsen, adding: “They rely on community members to do that.”

Larsen spotted something interesting about Colorado Quality Pain Relief Inc. “They have all these very ‘official’ permits prominently displayed as you walk in—a business tax registration certificate, tobacco sales certificate, sales tax certificate—as if these somehow point to their legitimacy.” Adds Larsen: “The only problem is that there is no permit for MMDs and all of their documents are for a different address.”

Another curious thing about some of the new marijuana dispensaries, including Colorado Quality Pain Relief Inc., is that their storefronts have no name. Some of them have signs that are bland and uninviting (see photos). Others feature fairly artistic signs. Featuring motifs borrowed from the Hindu faith, the sign for Colorado Quality Pain Relief, for example, gives the impression that it might be a yoga studio.

Marijuana Database at Cal State Northridge

The Los Angeles Times recently featured a fascinating article in which Steven Graves, a geography professor at Cal State Northridge, teamed up with his students to create a database of medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles.

Built painstakingly over the past several years, the database documents the buildings, signs and parking lots of marijuana facilities, dividing them into four distinct groups—“ones that project the image of mainstream medical providers; ones that project a holistic ‘granola’ vibe; ones that look like bunkers and appear to want to go unnoticed; and ones that make a clear appeal to ‘stoners,’ casting themselves as dispensing recreation rather than medicine,” according to Graves, who authored the Times article.

None of the medical marijuana facilities in Eagle Rock per se are featured in the Times article, although Organic Healing Center, a dispensary in Glassell Park, did make it into the article.

Organic Healing Center falls into Graves’ “granola” category—and we think Colorado Quality Pain Relief Inc., among a few other dispensaries in Eagle Rock, belongs squarely in the same group.

Click here to view photos from the database, featured in the Times story.

AFG July 03, 2012 at 04:25 AM
@jawbreaker: Why is it that every proponent of marijuana has to diminish the legitimate experiences of a person pestered/endangered by a marijuana smoker? It seems like there are those who just cannot say that that person was wrong or stupid if he was a MMJ smoker? Why? Didn't the guy say he saw him smoking? Of course it was MJ. When it's your life nearly endangered or that of someone you care about then there may not be FAR more important issues. If people are toking up in the neighborhood in their car then they are driving away from there, right? Under no circumstances is that acceptable! MMJ dispensaries for legitimate patients are not in question, it's the others that just need to get high that are the community's problem.
ezio giraldo July 03, 2012 at 04:24 PM
@jawbreaker. when these thugs start making your life miserable in one way or another you will see our point. i know a scumbag kid when i see one. i also know when some ones high when i se it.....and thats all you will see all day at a cannabis club. if some one in your family could be a victim of some stoned idiots negligence im sure you would find this matter more PRESSING. now i wsh i would have got hit. a police report would have been files and a marijuana influenced driver ina motor vehicle accident in eagle rock would have been documented and that would have got the ball rolling with law enforcement. i know you dont care about any one elses experiences with these people but you probly dont know your ass from a hole in the ground in the first place
Joan Stevens July 09, 2012 at 08:50 PM
Than you have no right to complain. You say it causes upset but you are unwilling to do the very thing that will make a difference.
jawbreaker July 11, 2012 at 10:02 AM
Hey ezio, I'd love to meet you in person. I'll try to stop shooting heroin* long enough to go get coffee with you and talk about this like adults. *Stop being so uptight. Productive members of society can use drugs and function, believe it or not.
AFG July 12, 2012 at 01:00 AM
Jawbreaker, does that include driving? He'a uptight why? Because he almost got run down?


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