Letter From Eagle Rock: Farewell to an 'Honest' Civil Servant

CD 14 Deputy Kai Newkirk, who left Eagle Rock City Hall June 15, was a widely admired figure.

Earlier this month, Patch reported that CD 14 Field Deputy Kai Newkirk, who worked zealously to improve neighborhood affairs for the office of Council Member José Huizar for just under a year, would be leaving Eagle Rock City Hall on June 15 to take up an assignment that offered him a lot less pay but which, he felt, was his true calling. (Patch is not at liberty to tell you quite yet just what that assignment is—but we do hope to write about Kai's latest career adventure once he gets more comfortable with it.)

Meanwhile, we received this letter of praise for Kai from Eagle Rock native Tim Ryder, who evidently did not know that the field deputy had left City Hall until he received a "No Longer with Office" e-mail reply from him on Tuesday. Many readers might know Ryder as an ardent supporter of medical marijuana dispensaries in the neighborhood and the brain behind a weekly marijuana shuttle that began transporting customers free of charge to local collectives this past spring:

I'm sorry to hear that Kai is leaving. He was very honest and even though he wouldn't verify the medical marijuana complaints that José Huizar said he gets, I still hold great respect for Kai. I wish I was more respectful to him as I know he was just doing his job defending Huizar's prohibition agenda. I wish Kai good luck and much prosperity in whatever endeavor he chooses to pursue in his life.


Tim Ryder, Cannabis Clubs United With the Community www.CCUWC.org

mark June 27, 2012 at 04:22 PM
I didn't realize he left until just now. He was everywhere. He always seemed very friendly. I know wherever he went he's going to be very successful. Good luck Kai


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