POLL: Should You Be Fined for Parking at a Broken Meter?

The Los Angeles City Council voted to override state law approved earlier this year allowing California drivers to park at malfunctioning meters, saying it would lead to major revenue loss.

Think again before cruising into that open spot next to the parking meter.

The city council voted 12-1 Wednesday to override state law approved earlier this year allowing California drivers to park at broken meters without receiving a ticket, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Citing violations at broken or malfunctioning meters brings in approximately $5 million annually, city councilmembers said allowing the state law to take effect in L.A. would amount to a major revenue loss. Since 2010, the city has begun replacing its roughly 40,000 parking meters with upgraded devices that notify transportation officials of broken meters. 

Officials claim they bring broken parking meters back to service within a few hours.

District 11 City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl said the new meters have reduced complaints in his district and congratulated the new technology.

Diana Nguyen December 07, 2012 at 07:16 PM
I do like the credit card parking meters, but I find this city council decision to be INFURIATING. Parking is so limited in this city--citizens shouldn't have to pay the price (via lack of appropriate parking OR with ticketing fines) for the city's failures to maintain their equipment--even if the problems only last for a few hours. (And to be fair, if a meter goes over by thirty seconds, a parked car will receive a ticket. To then look at "hours" of meter inactivity as minute and dismissible is utterly ridiculous.)
Mark December 09, 2012 at 04:34 PM
This is a sign of very serious corruption in City Hall. The corruption is in understanding and values and attitudes. They seem to see residents of this city and parking meters as their personal ATM machines to be fleeced! The taxpayers have already paid for the streets and parking along them. Parking meters are justified ONLY as a means of regulating how long anyone one person takes up a parking space -- NEVER for raising money. Parking meters cannot be used as a profit-making business run by the city -- that is just plain corruption. But out city politicians are corrupt. Now, even when there is nothing a driver can do about a broken meter, they want to ticket him for not paying into it! This has now gone beyond corruption -- it is EXTREME corruption. I do think it very challengeable in court. Unfortunately, for a $55 fine, no one can justify mounting a court case -- except maybe some piqued attorney who pouts together a class action.


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