South Gate City Council Chooses New City Manager

Michael Flad will become South Gate’s city manager in December.

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On Tuesday, the South Gate City Council unanimously approved the proposed employment contract given to Burbank City Manager Michael Flad, and hired him as South Gate’s new city manager. He will officially assume this role on December 3, 2012.

“I am looking forward to earning your optimism,” said Flad, shortly after members of the City Council expressed their support. “Thank you for the opportunity.”

The yearly salary that Flad will receive is $215,000.

This amount does fall within the city budget and is not expected to have a negative fiscal impact on the city.

Flad will be able to choose between using a city provided vehicle or receiving a $500 allowance if he opts to use his own. He will also receive $100 a month for technology related expenses, such as cellphone use. 

South Gate’s current City Manager, George Troxcil, who came out of retirement in late 2009 to serve as interim police chief and later city manager, received a salary of $144,000 for his work this year.

Last year, Troxcil did not receive a salary for his role as interim city manager, which he carried out while also serving as the city's police chief.

Councilmember Henry Gonzalez, who had opposed the salary increase from the previous $175,000 that was being offered in the original contract, gave his full backing to Flad.

“We have gotten the best possible man we could get,” said Gonzalez. “He gets my full on support without any reservations.”

Flad was one of about 50 candidates that was being considered for the position, according to South Gate Mayor Bill De Witt.

“We have come to a unanimous agreement that  [Flad] would be able to serve our city well,” said De Witt during the most recent City Council meeting.

Flad will be taking a yearly pay cut that is close to $2,500 by leaving Burbank and coming to South Gate. However, he told Patch that he was not bothered by the decrease.

“I am not doing this for the money,” said Flad after the council’s decision. “I was looking for an opportunity to make a difference.”

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Virginia Johnson September 29, 2012 at 12:19 AM
Mr. Flad was very impressive at City Council last Tuesday, and I also liked his sense of humor. If we must lose City Manager Troxcil, Mr. Flad seems like a good person to help us with South Gate's vast growth possibilities.
Hector Huezo December 12, 2012 at 10:41 PM
A $2,500 pay cut is a drop in the bucket when you make over $200K... Not that the job doesn't warrant it but let's be real, it's hardly surprising that he's not "bothered by the decrease".


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