Users Vote Logan Principal Patch Person of the Year

Luis Ochoa led the school as it initiated a dual-language education program.

Echo Park Patch users have selected Luis Ochoa, the principal at Logan Street Elementary School, their 2011 Person of the Year.

Ochoa worked with community members and parents to initiate a dual-language instruction track that is now being explored by other local schools including Micheltorena.

UTLA activist and educator Cheryl Ortega nominated Ochoa. Here is her statement:

He arrived at Logan three years ago in the wake of dismal morale. He has rallied parents, students and teachers. Mr. Ochoa faces daily challenges in dealing with two schools on a single campus. He is admired and respected by the Logan family for always going to bat for them.

Echo Park Timebank co-founder Autumn Rooney was also a strong contender for the award, garnering about 37 percent of the vote.

Ochoa will receive his award this Friday at a Logan Parents Committee meeting at 8:30 a.m. 

He will also be honored at the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council meeting on Jan. 24.

Look back here for a profile of Ochoa.

Erica Troll April 05, 2012 at 03:51 PM
I agree Mr. Skeels that Plummer with 862 API has only marginally better scores than Logan with 732API. Unfortunately, Logan with the current leadership, keeps making gains at a snail pace (17 points in 2011) and it will take more than 7 1/2 years to reach 862. I feel for the parents and the community at Logan. They need to start demanding as the effective leader at Plummer did. "You've got to give me 200% or find another school" What works at a school dealing with poverty and a lack of English fluency? Tough love, hard work and a laser focus on achievement and Principal Ochoa has none of these things.
Erica Troll April 05, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Providing comments like these is exactly the reason why people remain anonymous in public forums. They are discouraged to provide facts, truthful data, and even opposing views through name-calling and mischaracterizations. I am terrorized by you Mr. Skills and would avoid you by every means possible. No wonder the Logan school community just accept or even award the poor leadership provided them. They are afraid of the consequences of speaking up and voicing the truth.
Robert D. Skeels April 05, 2012 at 04:50 PM
Speaking what truth? Your abilities to copy and paste explanations of AYP/API from websites describing the abject NCLB program aren't much to be proud of. Truth is that the singular focus on standardized tests has narrowed curriculum, marginalized special education students, and turned children into commodity tests scores. That isn't how ruling class children are taught (cf. Sidwell Friends to any working class schools). Instead of opposing NCLB/RTTT and all the other dehumanizing testing regimes foisted on our communities, people like anonymous troll Erica cheerlead a system that exacerbates both class and racial segregation and makes the two tiered education system in our class stratified society ever more pronounced. Voicing the truth? You said "Logan is one of the lowest performing school in the district." Using CDE derived data, I proved that hundreds and hundreds of LAUSD schools underperform Logan. Yet you continued to make that assertion over and over. I taught Catechism for 14 years, 12 of those at St. Teresa of Avila. One of the things we taught the children is that when you say something you know isn't true, that it is a lie. Clearly terrorized troll Erica never learned that lesson. She has spewed hateful mendacious lies and misinformation about the hardworking Logan community. Vile elitists like anonymous troll Erica should fear educated working class people like myself. We will eventually create a fair and equitable system, and that is her greatest fear.
Robert D. Skeels April 05, 2012 at 04:52 PM
What kind of person would attack a hard working principal at a working class school?
Matilda April 07, 2012 at 02:46 PM
This is the evidence of the ranting rage by an overzealous, bullying, progress-blocker who don't understand that parents want alternatives to the incompetent leadership. As I posted before, at a Silverlake Neighborhood Council meeting, parents and children were encouraged to boo, hiss, and heckle anyone who presented opposing views. Very similar to the ranting rage posted above Mr. Skeels. This is truly an example of the dark side of human behavior ripe with discrimination and bullying. I feel the incredible hostility towards Erica. Being a parent and resident of Silverlake for over 10 years, I know that Mr. Skeels does not represent our community. His anger just creates animosity. These posts, and this way of thinking, stops innovation, progress, and open-mindedness cold in it's tracks.


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