Who is Funding the 51st Assembly Candidates

Check out the list of top donors for each candidate.

On Tuesday five candidates are on the ballot in the 51st Assembly District - we've covered their, written of them, and now we present the top donors to their campaigns.

Two of the candidates, Oscar Gutierrez and Richard Friedberg, did not have any campaign records filed with the state.

Each of the donors listed below comes from the latest reporting period where records are available on the Secretary of State's website.  To see full records for any candidate, click on their name. 

Arturo Chavez

Total Contributions: $204.452.33

Name Type of Donor Amount Cedillo For Assembly Political Campaign $3,900 John Ek, Ek & Ek Consulting Consulting Firm $3,900 Yolanda Plascencia Attorney $3,900 American Apparel Business $3,500 Cedillo for City Council Political Campaign $3,900 RCV Enterprise Business $3,900 L.A. Arena Company LLC Stadium Construction Company $,3900 Esteban Torres, Torres Construction Business Owner $3,900 SEIU Local 721 Union $3,900 Caroline Crespo, American Apparel Individual $3,900

Luis Lopez

Total Contributions: $213.370.12

Name Type of Donor Amount Glen Dake, GDML Business Owner $3,900 Honor PAC Political Action Committee $3,900 Gay & Lesbian Victory Club Political Action Committee $3,900 GAPG Physician Group Political Action Committee $3,900 Rob Nakagawa Individual $3,900 Glen Dake, GDML Business Owner $3,500 Soohoo Designs Business $3,900 Soohoo Designs Business $3,100 Californians Allied for Patient Protection Coalition $3,900 Alan Mutchnik, Skadden et. al. Attorney $2,000

Jimmy Gomez

Total Contributions: $363,835.09

Name Type of Donor Amount

United Domestic Workers of America Action Fund

Employer $7,800 Two Jinn Inc.
Employer $3,900 American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Employer $3,900 Union of United Nurses Associations of California
Employer $15,600 L.A. County Probationary Officers Union, AFSCME Local 685
Employer $6,800 Union of American Physicians and Dentists
Employer $4,800 California Federation of Teachers
Employer $7,800 California Dental Political Action Committee


Orange County Employees' Association


Californians for Clean and Reliable Water, AFSCME LOCAL 1902


John Goldfarb June 05, 2012 at 02:58 PM
I don't really care where their money came from, but I hope those candidates whose volunteers put signs on every vacant lot, median island, and chain-link fence in town start taking them down tomorrow.
JosephR June 05, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Ditto, that . . . (most of these signs are illegally placed, violate the LA municipal code, and are subject to escalating fines based on how many instances).
Josef Bray-Ali June 06, 2012 at 05:34 AM
This is a great resource you guys have put together. Chavez is definitely the "local machine" candidate, while Gomez is the straight labor Democrat guy. I wonder what this will end up meaning once one of these guys is in office? Will Chavez be able to endorse public employee cuts more than Gomez? Will Gomez fight harder to grow our revenue base as a state? More likely than not: their brief careers in the legislature will be marked by two terms of learning and one lame duck session before they get kicked to the private consulting gig waiting for them on their 45th birthdays.


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