How a Conflict Between a Coach and a PE Teacher Came to Rock Eagle Rock High

Will Steven Jovanelly’s May 2 "goodbye" to his football players be his last?

To hear Steven Jovanelly recount the events leading to his dismissal in February from , it all began in the school’s weight room in October 2011, about a month after the faculty voted out a students’ dean who then became a PE teacher.

A voluntary football and basketball coach who was also a substitute teacher, Jovanelly was talking to the junior varsity football team after a weight-training session when, he recalls, the dean turned PE teacher, Roman Cisneros, walked into the weight room and interrupted the meeting.

“He told me that we need to clean up,” says Jovanelly, referring to Cisneros. “He was in my face, challenging me in front of my kids and I basically told him ‘we’re not janitors—we’re football players.’”

Jovanelly says that his next run-in with Cisneros occurred one day in February. It was around 3 p.m., school had ended, and Jovanelly was alone in the weight room doing a stomach exercise while waiting for the basketball team. He was in the “plank position”—down on the floor, like a plank of wood, his entire weight resting on the underside of his forearms and toes—when Cisneros came in.

In an account verified by Principal Salvador Velasco at an LAUSD-moderated forum at the school this past Wednesday and recorded on a Patch video that can be viewed here, Cisneros “very diligently went about cleaning” the weight room, which was assigned to him by the PE department, much as a classroom is assigned to teachers, as Velasco put it.

So diligently, in fact, that, as Jovanelly tells it, Cisneros “purposely jabbed my ribs with a mop stick.” Jovanelly says that he got up and told the PE teacher: “Don’t touch me—how pathetic that you’re spending your life becoming a janitor.”

Jovanelly says he reported the matter to Los Angeles School Police Officer Glenn Cunday, who talked him out of filing a formal complaint. (Jovanelly's mother, Ronda, said at Wednesday's LAUSD-moderated event that Cisnero's jab to her son's ribs resulted in a bruise that left a clear mark on his body.)

Toward the end of basketball season in February, Jovanelly says he had one last encounter with Cisneros that convinced him the PE teacher would go to great lengths to prevent him from using the weight room.

To cut a long story short, as Jovanelly tells it, Cisneros took away a barbell and a few weights that Jovanelly was using—and, in the presence of seventh-grade students, refused the coach’s request for a single dumbbell. (Last week, Patch requested an interview with Cisneros through Principal Velasco but was told that the PE teacher does not wish to speak about any of the issues connected with his conflict with Jovanelly.)

Letter of Suspension

The following day, says Jovanelly, Velasco told him that he was being suspended for a semester and that he was to stay away from school until the end of June. Jovanelly, who had gone to Velasco’s office to get permission for holding basketball practice on a Saturday, was taken aback. “Velasco told me, ‘Let’s not talk about that—you need to go talk to [Assistant Principal Koh] Ikeda about something.’” Adds Jovanelly: “That’s when I got the letter.”

Patch reported about this letter on Sunday—it constitutes what appears to be Jovanelly’s formal dismissal from the school. Dated Feb. 10 and signed by Ikeda, the letter states no reason for the junior varsity coach’s dismissal—just a warning to refrain from being on campus “before, during or after school to speak to students, coaches, and staff” without “prior approval from me or the principal.”

Jovanelly stayed away from school for nearly three months—11 weeks and four days, to be precise. And when he did return—on the morning of May 2—he acknowledges that it was without permission from Ikeda or Velasco.

'I Went to Say Goodbye'

“I went back basically to say goodbye,” says Jovanelly. “It was a chance to let the parents know that what happened to me is unfair and that we’re going to try to fix it.”

That morning, admits Jovanelly, he distributed copies of a letter to his football team. Addressed to parents and students, the letter starts out by saying that junior varsity “Zero Period” training was regrettably being suspended because the coaching staff would not be returning to school next season.

“We have done nothing wrong whatsoever, yet Mr. Velasco refuses to let us come back to continue teaching our student-athletes,” the letter goes on, turning abruptly accusatory: “This man is a liar, has abused his power repeatedly, and does not act in the best interest of our school, community or students.”

According to Velasco, students began posting copies of Jovanelly’s letter on the walls of the school that morning of May 2. Staff members took down and returned to the main office at least 10 copies of Jovanelly’s letter before Velasco instructed them to start throwing the letters away, the principal told Patch, implying thereby that altogether more than 10 copies were posted.

Jovanelly was handcuffed, briefly detained and cited for trespassing by Officer Cunday that morning, although the coach had left the school campus by then. In fact, the immediate reason why Cunday was summoned, according to Jovanelly, was because Cisneros and he were having a heated argument. The PE teacher was near the boys' gym, separated from Jovanelly by a chain-link fence on the school's perimeter.

(Velasco alleges that Jovanelly didn’t just distribute copies of his letter among football players but that copies were also given to students who are not on the football team. Jovanelly denies that’s true, saying that he made exactly 60 copies “because we have 60 kids in our zero period coaching workout.” Further, although toward the end of his letter Jovanelly implores students that “whatever you do, do not use this as an excuse to act out,” the letter appears to have created what Velasco describes as a “hostile environment”—scores of students walked out of class last week to protest Jovanelly’s dismissal.)

Why did Jovanelly want to bid farewell to the football team when Velasco had promised him that he could return as coach after June (following the scheduled retirement in July of PE teacher Cisneros)? After all, as the coach himself says: “It was a well-known thing that I would be allowed to come back. The stipulation was that I would stay away and not cause any trouble.”

Anonymous Letter to LAUSD

The answer, as Jovanelly plainly puts it, is that “I had my suspicions that me coming back in June was a lie.” And the key to his doubts can be found in a controversy surrounding another letter—an anonymous one—evidently written by an ERHS parent to the LAUSD.

According to Velasco, the letter not only contains several libelous accusations about him but that it also has “too many details that are only known by him [Jovanelly].” The principal says that he told Jovanelly’s younger brother, Joshua, who is also a coach at the school, that “I need to have the letter retracted so that we can address the concerns [in the letter]." Besides, says Velasco, "I have the right to face my accuser.”

Velasco, says Jovanelly, “thought that either I wrote the letter or I was inciting parents to protest.” The coach adds that he tried “multiple times” to contact Velasco, “basically to say, ‘I don’t have anything to do with this letter.'” But his messages to Velasco went unanswered, says Jovanelly. (“Absolutely false,” counters Velasco: “He never called my office. The only communication I had with him in the last three months is through his brother Joshua.”)

In the weeks leading to his “goodbye” visit on campus, says Jovanelly, several coaches told him that Velasco was furious about the letter. “Do what you can to retract the letter,” Jovanelly quotes one of the coaches as telling him on April 18 after a coaches’ meeting. “Appease him.”

'Protesting Gets You Nowhere'

Jovanelly refused. “I said, ‘No—I don’t know who wrote it, and it’s unethical of me to say anything because it’s their [the writer’s] free speech,’” Jovanelly tells Patch, adding: Whoever wrote the letter “went over Velasco’s head because protesting to that school gets you nowhere.”

For his part, Jovanelly admits that he clearly crossed the line on May 2 by visiting campus when he had been instructed not to. But he had his reasons, he says, because he never believed he’d be allowed back after June and that Velasco’s promise to the contrary was not in good faith.

“Once I realized this was just a game, I said to myself that I’m going to step away and use all my weight, feeble as it may be, to get this man out of here,” says Jovanelly. “I decided to jump in and throw my weight against the ugly system.”

Jennifer N May 16, 2012 at 06:56 PM
Agreed James, it does take two people to escalate an argument.
AFG May 16, 2012 at 08:15 PM
But Jennifer it doesn't take two people for one to assault another!
Aetosians2012 May 16, 2012 at 09:42 PM
I read what Coach Jovanelly said to Patch and it is very simple to see that he backed up exactly what Mr. Velasco said on the videos. Most every student at ERHS knows this version of the story. We know it is true because lots of students were around that morning and saw Coach Jovanelly curse at Mr. Cisneros. That's why only a few students walked out last week, and most of those just wanted to skip class and cause trouble. If a student did What Coach Jovanelly did we'd be on the bus to Franklin or someplace else forever. Here is what the students of ERHS would like: 1. Please stop all this nasty talk about our school on Patch or anyplace else. 2. Please stop trying to get students to do something to hurt our school. 3. Please stop lying about these events and trying to keep this hatefulness going. Coach Jovanelly said Mr. Velasco was telling the truth. FACE IT and move on! 4. Please stop trying to disrupt our last few weeks of school. The students at ERHS want you all to stop insulting our school, our principal and our teachers. We blame you adults for creating the situation where one of our custodians was hurt during the walkout last week. Whatever you might want, this is not the Jovanelly's school, it is not the principal's school, it is not Mr. Cisneros' school. It is our school! Leave us alone, please!
AFG May 16, 2012 at 10:09 PM
For a girl who is so proud to be going to college your comprehensions skills aren't so hot! Adult witnesses heard what Cisneros said re: Mrs. Jovanelly. The only thing Velasco has right about May 2nd is the date. I find it sad & appalling that a young girl wants to allow a harasser and abuser of children to be protected by a negligent principal so your last weeks of school will be unencumbered! Maybe every graduating class since Cisneros was at Lincoln has done what you suggest and that is the reason why his behavior has persisted. The ignorant desire to cover up the actions of an abuser of children is selfish, ridiculous, and morally and legally wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself! One day, perhaps, they will your children who are being abused and no one will care about you! Maybe they'll want to "enjoy" their life and will ignore you! You're right, it's not Velasco's school but he is in charge of it and has FAILED in his obligation to report wrong doing there! That is a negligent dereliction of duty and should not be tolerated. The only thing Coach and Velasco agree on is the date of May 2nd. A smart girl like you should comprehend that especially if you are going to college. Good thing people like you didn't prevail in tolerating unfair treatment in 1776! If they had we'd all have a British accent. If this bothers you stop reading it. You support abusers we get it! What you think doesn't matter especially to parents who are PROTECTING THEIR children! Get a grip!
Maria O. May 16, 2012 at 10:26 PM
Aetosians 2012 this is what you really want, not the students, speak for yourself. As far as I know most students are against Cisneros and his "papi chulo" name. My daughter came to me one day and told me exactly the same thing about Mr. Cisneros asking them to call him "papi chulo". I would like to know who is Mr. Velasco refering to when he said that some girls were the one who started calling him "papi chulo" disgusting for an old men. How does he knows this?
James P. May 16, 2012 at 10:50 PM
Let's start a new drinking game. How about we take a shot, drink, beer or glass of wine every times we recognize that different screen names here are actually the same person posting over and over again? We'd all be too drunk to type and Aetosian2012 would have her wish.
Nick Jovanelly May 17, 2012 at 03:32 AM
Actually, those 4 things are what YOU like not the majority of the students. Our school deserves to be talked about in a nasty way because Velasco has done nothing but ruin the whole attitude and school since he got here. And you are right, this is OUR school. That's what this whole fight is about. IT is the students school and Velasco and all the other corrupt politicians and administrators are trying to take it from us. Talk about disrupting the last few weeks of school. Velasco has disrupted the last few years of school! Nobody is insulting the teacher's. We are fighting for them too because they are trying to do a service to the community by helping kids, but they have to deal with Velasco's bulls*** all year long.
Jan Freed May 17, 2012 at 03:55 AM
Final comment... First much appreciation to Ajay and the Patch - there would have been no forum otherwise. Second, there is HUGe dissatisfaction with mr. V in this and other cases, so I hope he takes it to heart and tries to improve. At least he spoke with parents. Maybe next time, parents can speak and he can write questions! It must be very hard to be a principal, but they are well paid. Sending him to another school- the dance of the lemons- what good would that do? Burden another school? V is young and can grow.
Tim Tritch May 17, 2012 at 06:58 PM
If crimes have been committed report it to the LAPD!!!! ERHS is NOT a public place. There are rules and laws that limit who is allowed on campus, and those rules are in place for the safety of the children. I think Jan has really hit on something here, If everyone put the students FIRST, and based all of their opinions on what is best for the children, that could be the start of resolving this issue. I understand ERHS Moms passion, but using infamatory terms like 'terrorized" and "tortured" is just over the top. And regarding the obligation to report wrong doing,,that responsibility belongs to EVERYONE. If you know of crimial activity, especially crimes against children, then report it to the LAPD. NOBODY here has clean hands, some are dirtier than others, yes, but as the old saying goes, let he who is without sin throw the first stone. Accusations of crimes against children on an internet chatboard are useless. Take it to the proper authorities where these accusations belong. And to say that teachers at ERHS are tortured and terrorized is insulting to people who are truely tortured and terrorized for standing up for what is right,and standing up publicly, not anonymously!!
Tim Tritch May 17, 2012 at 07:25 PM
AFG, your attacks on a child here are disgustiong. Your condesending attitute towards a child garners you no favor. ERHS acedemic record speaks for itself, regarless of who is responsible for this success, which I give most credit to the students themselves. And I will state again, reporting wrongdoing is EVERYONE"S resonsibility, so if you or anyone else is aware of criminal activity, especially against children, then report it to the LAPD. AFG, one adult to another, and for the record, you know who I am, I dont know who you are, perhaps those are your initials, amybe you put your name to it, but attacking a child for their opinion on a matter that directly affects that child, is beyond disgusting. YOur inflammaroty rhetoric aimed at a child is inexcusable. If you cant make your point to a child without resorting to such disgustion behavior, then perhaps it is time you shut the ^%%%^^ up. Behave like an adult, and you can start by putting your name on your disgustiong posts!!!! ALOT of ADULTS have failed to report wrongdoing, and to suggest that this child supports abuse against other children is just typpical internet anonymous warrior tactic to try to silence opposition, much like a seventh grader on facebook. You sir, or madam, or whoever you are make me want to PUKE Great example you set. And you expect students to speak their minds when they will get attacked by a^%#*&holes like you, You are doing EXACTLY what you accuse others of!!! Identify yourself!
Tim Tritch May 17, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Speak for yourself,,,,very good advicennand it should apply to EVERYBODY, shoudnt it, unless of course they're taking your side(whichever side that may be) then go right ahead and claim to speak for everybody. And this is aimed at people on both sides of this issue.
Tim Tritch May 17, 2012 at 08:23 PM
The level of discourse here has degenerated into worhtlessmess. Now adults are attacking students(children) for voicing their opinions? Great example!!! Anonymous posters attacking children better yet, ask yourself, who should be ashamed? @AFG Would you make the same comments you made above if you were face to face with this childs parent? I doubt it, but prove me wrong, put you name up here so that parent knows who you are. Anonymously attacking a child and stating "You support abusers, we get it!" Actually I am having serious doubts that you are actually and adult, you might just be another innternet warrior 15 year old. I challenge you to prove me wrong!!! YOU verbally abused a child here, you should own up to it and aplogize, that is if youre an adult.. And if you are, then act like it, be a man, stand up for what you believe in, and put your name to it!!!
Tim Tritch May 17, 2012 at 08:32 PM
@ the Jovenellys, Do you support the kind of statements made by AFG, attacking a child for voicing his opinion, in the name of defending YOU, and the other students at ERHS? For th!e record I support you guys, and feel there needs to be changes. I just dont agree with the tactics being used to make those changes. Do you agree with AFG that this student "Supports abuse!" Get real people, act like adults. TERRORIZED, TORTURED, YOU SUPPORT ABUSE! Verbally attack children, question their intelligence IS this how you expect to gain support? Really? Also my opinion, IF EVERYBODY at ERHS is aware of this misbehavior, then EVERYBODY should be called to task for not reporting it to proper authorities. HOW MANY teachers, who were supposedly aware of this abuse reported it to proper authorities. IF they ALL knew about it, then they ALL should report it, as is their legal duty. People here claim that many of the staff at ERHS was aware of this, hold the ALL accountable.
ERHS Moms May 17, 2012 at 11:17 PM
Tim, as moms who are involved with this, hearing the woes of our kids and the way they have been treated, it is a little hard to get behind those who seek to just sweep it under the rug so it can go away. We feel that it has gone unheeded for too long. Not all of us came into this situation at the same time. Some have had passed experiences along with this one. It is not just one or two kids who have said these things. The papi thing was said to a huge PE class. We can only report what has happened to our own child, unless we have seen the abuse. I don't find where anyone said teachers knew about the abuse. They of course would report b/c they are obligated. Do you know teachers there? The majority does feel their environment is intolerable. They have tried, but you have to understand the district ALWAYS seeks to cover up and ignore, until they can hide no more. If you are a kid who this affects then you care more than those not affected. There was a teacher who said the office treats you rudely,, etc. and several of us have had that experience. It's just not like it used to be there and unfortunately Velasco's tactics set the tone. You see we didn't know the school would ignore it when we first spoke up. Many times it's been said that no reports were filed, but that's not true, just the admins line. Coach's assault was reported & ignored. That's their MO and we want to change it. That's the goal for that would make it a safer & happier place for kids and teachers.
Tim Tritch May 17, 2012 at 11:30 PM
ERHS Mom, I just dont see how it could be that other teachers were not aware of this, at any time, IF this was so widely known among students and PARENTS. IF the majority feel the workplace in INTOLERABLE they should stand together with their union and speak up. All of this,'we're afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation" sets a piss poor example for the students. Anyone who has watched the news lately has seen how abuse of sutudents in schools in southern california it being taken very seriously. DO I know teachers,YES I do, and I have had this conversation with them face to face, and called out every single one of them!!! Just to be fair, when talking about people's MO,,do you agree with the way AFG attacked the student who posted and opinion that was contrary to his. I think that attack was very similar to what the teachers are saying,,"I wont speak up for fear of retaliantion. How does this type of attack, on a child, by and adult, set any type of example. It is EXACTLY what you(AFG) accuse the other side of doing, intimidating people into silence. Especially intimidating someone who has more vested interest in this debate than anyone, A STUDENT!! How amy parents, upon hearing these tales of woe of their children being sexually harassed have filed a complaint with the LAPD!!!!!?
Tim Tritch May 17, 2012 at 11:42 PM
We have all heard alot about bullies lately, and how devastating it can me. And not just physical bullying, but cyber bullying too. Children have access to tools that we never dreamed of when groing up. The new social media, like this here, are a completly ne wplaying field. And to have this a^%$wipe AFG posting,,"Your comprehension skills arent so hot",,,"I find it appalling that a young girl wants to allow a harasser and abuser of children to be protected" "The ignoratn desire to cover up the actions of an abuser,,,,You should be ashamed of yourself" "A smart girl like you should comprehentd that" "You support abusers we get it!" "What you think doesnt matter, especially to parents whore PROTECTING THEIR children" ERHS Mom,,,do you support what AFG said here, or is this as%%%^%%$ipe the one doing the bullying here. Does anyone know who this guy is,,he must be outed and exposed for the COWARD he is. Do you support THIS ERHS mom, its a simple question. I DONT, no explination needed. What say YOU!!!!!?
Tim Tritch May 18, 2012 at 12:00 AM
ERHS mom, Do you also support the people who have called anonymously several times in the last few days and told me keep my &^*&^&*& opinions to myself? THe tactics described above, and this right here are what people on YOUR side of the debate are doing, which is EXACTLY the same tactics that you deploe coming from Velasco, and the LAUSD. And YES, I have reoprted this toLAPD, and Verizon, and I am very confident that I will get the 'blocked' phone numbers that these calls came from. Do you think an anonymous adult who bullies a child on an internet chatboard is an upstanding, good person. I dont. I think he's an (&(&^%(*&*^*, and I would love the opportunity to say it to his face. But what makes me think this coward, bully, idiot, moron,jackass,yellow bellied,chicken livered,miscreant will ever identify himself? WOW, bullying a child on an internet chatboard, youre a real man!!
Pride May 18, 2012 at 02:01 AM
I agree, it's really just what you want.
Pride May 18, 2012 at 02:04 AM
Well, clearly Mary Sinclair you have selective reading, for you only mention the parts of the article that support your point of view.
ERHS Moms May 18, 2012 at 03:22 AM
It doesn't make sense why anyone would call your home and say things like that to you. One would assume that it isn't anyone on the side of right in this situation, for we are just concerned with the mistreatment of our kids. There have been dissenters all along & it's really possible that they are planted by the admin. It became clear that there were some at the meeting who didn't listen. Deliberately? It's possible. No one should harass anyone else. That kind of behavior is ultimately what started this all. That & the covering up of that behavior is what led us to feel unsupported by the administration.Hopefully progress is soon to be made & we will be heard by LAUSD. We agree with the altruism of banning together & standing up for our rights. That's what we're trying to propagate. Sadly it has to be acknowledged, though, that several have spoken up to the admins & have been harassed, or transferred, or there has been an attempt to fire them. Unfortunately,the administrators union nearly always trumps the teacher's union. That's not the way it should be, but that is the way it is. (Think corruption on many levels). That's what we're up against. Not going to comment on the vitriol above because it's not known if Aetosians is a student. Maybe, maybe not? There were some who called young Jovanelly a "foul mouthed jerk" even when what he said wasn't foul. Maybe they are planted; maybe not? Let's not let them distract us from our goal.
James P. May 20, 2012 at 08:49 PM
The side of right? I love that. You people aren't above cyber-bullying teenagers who don't agree with you, but you are on the side of right? If we have AFG, Maria O, Janet E or T, ERHS Moms, Letty M., and all the Js on the side of right can I be on the side of reason and rationality, then?
Tim Tritch May 20, 2012 at 09:00 PM
ERHS mom, As you stated it is not known if Aetosians is actually a student. I guess the same could be said for you being and ERHS mom, I mean, just to be fair. What lesson do you think the child who was the victim of a vicous, bully attack by AFG learn here? I think she was taught that hypocrisy is just fine, and long as youre in the majority. What say you?
ERHS Moms May 21, 2012 at 02:04 AM
We could be students & not a group of moms (not one mom) & a lot of the posts were when children are supposed to be in school. That could not apply to seniors, though, many of them are 18 and have met their requirements and therefor could be leaving early or starting late. AFG could also be a student (the students that got burned really felt burned. Too harsh maybe? There was probably a bit of frustration expressed since the same things about this being admitted, or true, or not reported, etc. probably just got unnerving, along with the accusations that our intent is malicious or unfounded.That's just a guess as to what happened. Some said one kid was a foul mouthed jerk when he wasn't. It seems that bullying is a repeated ac or mean spirited action just for the sake of being mean. We can verify that it gets very frustrating to hear repetitively from posters here that things were not done, or did not happen when we have heard first hand accounts. The PTSA meeting was full of first hand testimony and we were met with very little expressed caring by the admins and superiors.It is videotaped yet there are people who heard what was not said. At least there's the proof of the tape. It appears that their only concern is to avoid a law suit. One person can tell a "story" but when many, many persons tell the same story those in charge begin to see a pattern. The district finally saw a pattern & acted. Keeping silent was not an option & has nothing to do with a majority. It happened.
ERHS Moms May 21, 2012 at 02:10 AM
James, you seem to have issue with WHO is reporting the wrong rather than the wrong itself. Wrong is not a matter of opinion. If it happened, it happened. It's not reasonable to listen to a lot of parents with concerns at a public meeting and express no iota whatsoever of caring. The admin is who is unreasonable. They are the ones who began this entire defamatory sequence in the Patch, not the parents. It's not reasonable to be sarcastic towards whomever has been hurt just b/c you have an issue with WHO they are. Forget the WHO and focus on WHAT happened. that's what's despicable and vicious with a large amount of bullying from the admin. part of the goal was achieved and that's something to be thankful for. A whole class of young kids can now enjoy PE without worry and that's a really good thing.
Tim Tritch May 22, 2012 at 06:29 PM
ERHS mom, in my opinion your suggestion that the person who called me was and 'administrtion' plant is absurd. And as you say, 'youre only concerened with the mistreatment of kids" then I can only asume that youre are as disgusted with what AFG in this forum as you are with Cisneros and Velasco, but funny thing, I havent seen you take AFG to task for his dispicable behavior. Things that make you go hmm. I will have that blocked phone number by the end of the day today, thanks to Verizon and AT&T. ANd I agree, all the anonymous posters here could be anybody,,maybe even someone with a personal grudge against others, a student who got a failing grade from this teacher, or just an outside agitator who saw an opportunity to help stir things up. When you post anonymously, and question the motives of other amnonymous posters, then you can only expect that others make the same speculation about you that you do of others. Anonymous posting, what a great example for the kids. Anonymously encouraging people to come forward and file official complaints, do you not see the hypocrisy? For the record, I think it would be best if Velasco was gone, and good riddance to Cisneros, the difference here being, everyone knows who I am.
ERHS Moms May 22, 2012 at 10:20 PM
Tim, didn't mean to imply that your caller was an admin plant, but rather the posters who didn't seem to read or hear what was said at the meeting. Couldn't hazard a guess as to who called you. Our goal here was to set the record straight, that the admin is trying to bury, to those who didn't seem to understand. The goal was to get the information & combat misinformation being planted.What do you think the deliberate missing of the point is about? Why do you think they kept saying what wasn't there? If you read back to the beginning you can see it explained (and it was explained at the meeting) that our kids are being harassed for our opinions, by the admin, that is the reason for the anonymous postings. Coming forward to launch a formal complaint is different in that that is done in private with counselors/police who don't repeat it to protect the child. Now the teacher, so many kids had problems with, is gone, so he can no longer harass them or try to seek retribution through the admin.It appears the admin placated him. Our example to the kids was done in public at the meeting that we stand to protect them. We do know who you are but when this post was begun by Velasco our kids were still being tortured. We will speak again in public when they set another meeting. We reported formally already so it's not hypocritical. Hope that helps!
Rene Diedrich May 27, 2012 at 07:39 PM
I think Coach J was honest. He knows his fatal error was showing up with that letter as he freely admits to and I totally get hatbhe was tryong to do. The truth is he most likely would be canned anyway because the district is unloading teachers as their ship sinks. The campus cop was wrong to discourage tge report andnshould be investigated for some degree of collusion in this mess. But what Ciach did was the only thing he could do-- reach out to parents for a life preserver.the district has a zero tolerance policy on parent-teacher alliances and questioning authority.now why would it have a problem with that? It's the community's campus. They pay for ut with taxes. What do parnets and students want? Give it to them.
Rene Diedrich May 27, 2012 at 07:44 PM
Sexually harassing minors, assault and ollusion are criminal antics, as are concealing these crimes using your authourity as a public school administrator. An audit and investigation of school employee fles, the books, student discipline and soecial edcation compliance will probably unearth plenty more. Why is it so hard to acceptbthat our schools are infested with unseemly miscreants?
Rene Diedrich May 27, 2012 at 07:49 PM
WHAT? It's a PUBLIC SCHOOL! I cant see why the coach is forbidden from saying godbye to his class. Mr. Tritchnif you knew anything about teaching you'd understand there is a bond between them. You are either corrupt yourself or incredibly naive not to see these two for what they are : bullies. Coach J is the poster boy for the typical victim. Intelligent, successful, ethical and passionate. Wake up.
Rene Diedrich May 27, 2012 at 07:56 PM
The union has hung teachers out to dry. Tenured veterans who have paid tbeir dues are being fired for no reason. As an at will sub coach J hasnt much pull. I do not believe he can be fired by the principal except from that school. He can sub at other places unless the district terminated him. Also, the officer involved ( we have like 8 at my school) discouraged the report which follows, logically becausehe called him in the first place.its best to call the real police in these matters. LAUSD controlss these officers.


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