'King of The Nerds' Turns Oxy Landmark Into 'Nerdvana'

Thorne Hall becomes a cinematic haven for nerds.

'Nerdvana' in front of Thorne Hall. Photo credit: Ajay Singh
'Nerdvana' in front of Thorne Hall. Photo credit: Ajay Singh
If a film about nerds were to be shot—if not quite set—in Eagle Rock, where would the ideal location be? Everyone who thinks Occidental College as the most logical and suitable place may already have been scooped by a film production company that has been shooting a television film on the campus of L.A.'s second-oldest liberal arts college (after Loyola Marymount) for the past three weeks.

Tuesday is the last day that the film, titled King of The Nerds, is being shot at Oxy. The photos here capture film crews and stars who have transformed Thorne Hall, itself a setting for cultural events spanning the gamut from the classical to the postmodern.


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