Mature and Poised, This Dancer-Scholar is a Winner

Taite Pierson wins Nestlé’s Very Best in Youth Award.

Taite Pierson is a dancer, a scholar and, as her former kindergarten teacher likes to say, “a mature, poised, young lady.”

Whiz Kid's Name/Age: Taite Pierson, 12.

Whiz Kid's School:

Whiz Kid's Accomplishment: Pierson is the current winner of the “Nestlé’s Very Best in Youth Award,” given annually to honor children from across the nation for being outstanding in some way. This year was the first time the competition was opened to pre-teens. Pierson was one of two winners selected from 130 applicants nationally. She will be honored along with the teens at a red-carpet event in July.

As part of the award, Pierson will be able to give $1,000 to a charitable organization of her choice. Another $1,000 will be given to her school, Eagle Rock Elementary.

has also named Taite an Adelante Award winner. The award, created by Huizar five years ago, is given every year to students who demonstrate high academic achievement and leadership in classrooms.

Since the age of four, Pierson has been taking ballet and is now a junior member of the Pasadena Civic Ballet Company. Pierson has also danced with the California Dance Institute for years, first a member of their “SWAT” and now their Excel team. She currently takes as many as five dance classes every week.

“Taite's awesomeness is her confidence, poise, and standing out in all that she does without seeking the limelight,” says Pierson’s former kindergarten teacher, Carrie Morita. “Much of the credit goes to the love, guidance, and support from her awesome family.”

Pierson’s mom concurs. “ When anyone has a question—’what was that assignment?’ or ‘Which way do we turn after the pirouette?’—Taite is the one they ask,” she says. “She has the answers without being a know-it-all.

For her part, Pierson’s mom says that she owes it all to her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Morita.


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