Mayberry's 'Cat in the Hat' Reassigned, Kayser Pushing Behind Scenes

Mayberry's beloved sixth grader teacher Art Avina has been reassigned to teach kindergarten at a Westlake-area school. The office of LAUSD district 5 trustee Bennett Kayser is optimistic he won't have to go.

We’ve been getting lots of response to our story about Art Avina, the teacher who’s losing his sixth grade class.

We got an update from Art Thursday by email. He said he’s been placed at the Olympic  Primary Center on  South Albany Street in the Westlake area. He will be teaching kindergarten. 

Avina said he’s OK, though discouraged: “Students, parents and teachers called and emailed board members pretty adamantly, but it fell on deaf ears.”

Not so, says Sarah Bradshaw, chief of staff for District 5 trustee Bennett Kayser.

She says Kayser’s been working behind the scenes trying to ensure that there are no staff cuts at Mayberry and several other schools in his district.

Bradshaw also says it’s likely students trying out charter schools will drift back to Mayberry shortly, and push up enrollments.

She couldn’t give us a timeline for an answer.

But we will stick on the case.  Meantime, the clock is ticking for Art Avina and the students at Mayberry School.

Sue T, October 07, 2011 at 07:45 PM
The clock has already expired at Mayberry. Mr. Avino is gone, and as a result, teachers and kids have been shuffled around unmercifully. There are now a number of classrooms with combined grades and completely new teachers, everyone having to adapt to radical overnight changes after school has already been in session for a month. In addition, there is no librarian at all, and a skeletal office staff. The school board should be ashamed that they allowed this to happen. In the meantime, Mayberry desperately needs all kinds of volunteer help---in the office, in the classroom, on the playground. Please give them some of your time, if you are able.
Anthea Raymond October 07, 2011 at 08:03 PM
Sue thank you for the update.
Anthea Raymond October 08, 2011 at 07:20 AM
Art sent me this via email late Friday: It's been a busy and emotionally taxing day. I said my goodbyes all of Mayberry at an assembly and spent half of my day with my new class at Olympic Primary. I will begin on Monday, October 10th. Teaching kindergarten should be a fairly easy adjustment since I taught the grade for seven years.
Robert D. Skeels October 08, 2011 at 05:50 PM
Is CNCA Charter Corporation Poaching Parents and Pillaging Privacy? http://echopark.patch.com/blog_posts/is-cnca-charter-corporation-poaching-parents-and-pillaging-privacy Sadly, this happened precisely because the deep pocketed CNCA Charter Corporation was allowed to go outside of its attendance boundaries and poach students from neighborhood public schools including Mayberry. LAUSD promissed that CNCA would not effected our local public schools, but clearly that isn't the case. Once more, our neighborhood public schools are being sacraficed so that lucrative charter-voucher companies can increase market share and profitability.


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