Summer Construction at Eagle Rock High to Continue into New School Year

Parts of campus have been fenced-off, but students will have access to most areas.

Students, faculty and staff returning to Tuesday can expect relatively cooler weather next week (now, that’s a relief!) but they’ll also find their access on campus somewhat hampered by construction.

Scattered across the school compound, but especially near the quad, construction has been underway during the summer break. Areas have been fenced off, the landscape ripped open, and mounds of gravel lie in heaps next to heavy machinery. (See photos.)

“It’s ongoing,” Assistant Principal Koh Ikeda said of the construction Thursday, explaining that it stems from an LAUSD school construction bond measure several years ago “that has now come to Eagle Rock.”

No new classrooms or buildings are being constructed—although “that would be nice,” said Ikeda, adding that the construction is limited to landscape repairs.

“There will be pathways, and students can have access throughout the campus,” he said.

Ms. Parent August 11, 2012 at 02:48 PM
I thought the next big project was the restoration of the auditorium! I assumed this was the construction zone I saw this week. Landscaping project from a Construction Grant from years ago? I am sure the school could use some enhancement but this project should have started as soon as school let out in June not when the kids are going back earlier in the midst of a HOT summer and new changes to faculty and staff. Not only will they be hot and cluttered into larger classes but no auditorium and less quad space. When do the parents and community get to vote on these decisions or at the very least be informed?


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