Corralitas Rail Path: A Green Gem Near the 5 Freeway

The greenway snakes along the same path the Red Car once followed through the edge of Echo Park and Silver Lake.

Last week the blog Modern Hiker got some Curbed LA love for its write-up of the infamous Corralitas Rail Path on the bluffs above Riverside Drive near Fletcher Drive in Silver Lake.

It is now a privately-owned road to nowhere. It was once a throughway for the Red Car line into Glendale.

Read the Modern Hiker piece on Corralitas Rail Path here.

Casey Schreiner, who writes the blog, is a busy--and prolific--guy. His day job is as a writer and performer on G4’s Attack of the Show.

We’ve followed Modern Hiker for a couple years: it is encyclopedic in its documentation of Southern California trails.

And we agree:  Corralitas Path is a gem. It’s lush, surprisingly quiet, and green green green. 

We did the loop on Sunday and think it will become our trail-running training ground.

At just under two miles round-trip, it’s the perfect length.

Schreiner says this winter he'll post more urban escapes in Echo Park and environs.

We’ll keep you posted.

Click here to check out Modern Hiker.

And click here to read Diane Edwardson's popular Corralitas Red Car Property blog.

 A previous version of this piece referred to the trail as the "Corralita's Rail Path," using the possessive.  It is actually the "Corralitas Rail Path," as in the Spanish nominative plural.

Sue T, November 08, 2011 at 09:24 PM
This IS one of my favorite urban oases, so I hope you haven't spoiled everything by telling the world about it. One thing we do NOT need is hoardes of runners and bicyclists racing through this idyllic dog-walking neighborhood. WARNING: The path is totally MUD! Please don't use it for your sports activities. By the way, NOWHERE is it spelled Corralita's, and certainly not Corralita's Path. No apostrophe, as you can see from the Modern Hiker piece, and from Diane Edwardson's blog you can see that the name of the area is the Corralitas Red Car Property.
Anthea Raymond November 08, 2011 at 09:42 PM
@Thanks Sue for the input. I'll make the correction. You also raise an interesting issue we always face when reporting on "below the radar" stuff like the trail (though it was on Modern Hiker, CurbedLA and the EastsiderLA last week before I ever got to it): when's the right time? is there a right time? does the reporting change things? For what it's worth: when I did my walk Sunday through Corralitas I asked several neighbors along the trail if it had been crowded that weekend after the various press mentions. Everyone said "no." What do others think?


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