Record Heat in July to Continue Through Early August

Of the 4,000-plus record highs nationwide in July, 171 were the highest-ever for the month.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, here’s a bit of disconcerting news as you head to the Glassell Park Rec Center for a dip or settle down at Swork with a cool beverage: Across the nation, 4,313 record-high temperatures were documented during July—and 171 of them were the highest temperatures ever recorded for the month.

“The reason for this incredible heat has been the location of the jet stream, a thin river of air miles high that guides the path of potential storms,” according to AccuWeather.com, a meteorological company that obtained figures for July’s record heat from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service.

Temperatures for the first few days of August are expected to remain in the high 80s and low 90s, with Wednesday’s temps forecast to hit a high of 88 degrees.

Here are five suggestions on how to cope with the heat:

  • 1. Consider spending the hottest hours in a public facility, such as the , or a commercial place such as . (Quite a few people regularly nap on the comfortable couches that you can find at the Macy’s end of the plaza, in front of the .)
  • 2. Grab a book and relax at any of the excellent, air conditioned coffee-house choices you have right here in Eagle Rock—whether it’s , or .
  • 4. Hop over the 2 freeway and duck into the Barnes & Noble bookstore at the Americana, on Brand Avenue in nearby Glendale. (Parking is free for two hours, with validation, which you can get by making any purchase at the Starbucks café on the bookstore’s third floor.)
  • 5. Because the coolest places in Eagle Rock aren’t necessarily indoors—what a blessing for those who have a cold or an aversion to air conditioning—check out the many tree-shaded picnic spots at the . Winds from the north and northwest are forecast to blow at around 5 miles per hour, according to the weather office—and the park’s open spaces should get a fair share of the day’s air circulation.

Toward the evening, Eagle Rock Patch recommends a stroll east or west along Colorado Boulevard, especially between Eagle Rock Boulevard and Townsend Avenue, ideal for last-minute shopping as well as for catching a snack or dinner at restaurants and cafes to suit every budget.

Oh, and don’t forget to check on any elderly neighbors who may decide to stay indoors (without air conditioning) and may have a harder time than the rest of us in beating the heat.

Click here to monitor the National Weather Service’s seven-day forecast for the Eagle Rock area.


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