Text: CD 4's Tom LaBonge Wants to Bring the Olympics to L.A. Again

The city council was expected to vote on the following motion Friday.

Authored by LeBonge it asks Southern California Olympic reps to examine what it would take to bring the Olympics back to L.A.MOTION


Los Angeles is an Olympic City, having been the host city of two summer Olympiads in 1932 and in 1984 with great success. We Angelenos congratulate the people of the City of London on the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, as the capital of the United Kingdom has been showcased for the third time. Mayor Boris Johnson is to be especially commended for his outstanding role, along with Lord Sebastian Coe, Chairman of the London Olympics, and all the townships that contributed to a successful Olympic games.

Looking to the future, Los Angeles should continue the tradition by hosting another Olympiad in the 21st century. The Southern California Olympic Committee should perform an analysis, along with the United States Olympic Committee, to look at the appropriate time to submit a bid for consideration. While the next opportunity to bid on the summer Olympics would be for 2024, that would mean the Olympics will not have been in the United States for 28 years since the games of Atlanta in 1996.

We wish the people of Brazil well as Rio de Janeiro becomes the first city on the South American continent to carry the Olympic Torch in 2016. While other great cities of the world will be competing for consideration, perhaps from the African continent, it is the hope of Angelenos to one day host, for a third time, the Olympic Games.

The diversity we share as Angelenos, as Americans, is second to none. In addition, the City of Los Angeles boasts a world-class atmosphere that includes the facilities, athletes, and climate that embodies the Olympic spirit. Many believe that the major success of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles reignited the excitement of other cities in the world to host.  It would be of great benefit for the Southern California region should Los Angeles host again in 2032 and celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the first summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

When the City hosted the Games of XXIII Olympiad, it was an amazing experience not only for the athletes--many of whom called Los Angeles home-but for all Angelenos to partake in a universal event that celebrated the successes of our fellow man.  The Los Angeles Olympic Games attracted a then-record of 140 participating nations. The United States team won 174 medals (Gold-83, Silver-61, Bronze-30), out-medaling the next nation by over 100 medals!  

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council request the Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games to examine the feasibility for the City of Los Angeles to submit a bid for consideration to host a future summer Olympiad;

I FURTHER MOVE that the City Council support the efforts of the Southern California Olympic Committee for the Olympic Games to return the Olympic Games to Los Angeles at the earliest appropriate opportunity.

            PRESENTED BY   ____________________________________
                            TOM LABONGE
                            Councilman, 4th District

            SECONDED BY   ______________________________________

Ronald van Ammers August 19, 2012 at 06:17 AM
Don't hog the joint. Twice in 50 years is plenty for LA.
Mark August 19, 2012 at 11:39 PM
We do not want the Olympics here. There are too many people here, and this constant push for more high-profile "advertising" to come to Los Angeles is a BAD idea. We already have a drastic shortage of housing, so insanely high prices. We do not have the water to accommodate more people! So, they are trying to force us to start drinking recycled water from the toilet -- so they can justify bringing more and more people here. Stop it! Stop acting like this is some other place that needs and can accommodate more people. This is not that place. An NFL team -- bad idea, will only keep LA in the minds of those freezing in winter and draw ever more people to cram in here. (And can you spell GRIDLOCK!) LA Live -- bad idea, only headlines LA, keeping us in the world's mind, and drawing more people here. Stop it! Put the idea of bringing the Olympic here out of your mind!
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