Blog: The Truth of Benghazi, Where is It?

Why is Benghazi being swept under the rug by the mainstream media and this administration?

I have had it with the media!  Today I cancelled my subscription to the LA Times after having searched the newspaper from top to bottom for any coverage on the Benghazi attack and investigation.  The travesty and negligence of the media, excluding very few, in not staying on top of this story is criminal!  Today I listened to probably the most extraordinary interview I have ever heard. 

The father of Tyrone Woods, the Navy Seal who was killed in Benghazi along with Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty and Sean Smith, a man who prefaced his interview with an urgent statement that his coming forward was
not political but a need of his conscience. 

Charles Woods came forward for the first time to speak and indict this administration for the murder of his son. Charles Woods is a lawyer, and a soft spoken man of integrity and honesty who forgives those that did not act appropriately. I quote him, “This is not about politics." This is about “honor, integrity, and sacrifice.” 

He is only speaking out now, because so much more evidence is emerging which points to an immense cover-up.

That night within minutes of the first bullet being fired any person with security clearance could have pulled up on their computer live video stream of what was happening at the Consulate compound. There was a drone in the sky transmitting
live pictures. During that evening there were three requests for back-up security and military assistance all of which were denied by the State Department, the CIA and the White House. We now know for certain that Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other officials were in the Situation Room and that videos were being live streamed to them. They were monitoring, knowing, and denying assistance. 

One to two hours away were F-16’s which would have probably saved all four lives. C130’s were available and we now know that they had lasers on targets (terrorists) with mortars, the same mortars that killed Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.  A targeted strike could have easily taken out those mortars. However, I repeat, three different times requests for help were denied. 

Not only were these requests denied, but, Tyrone Woods himself requested permission to leave the CIA building and go to the Consulate, one mile away, to try and rescue Ambassador Stevens and the others. He was told to “stand down” and
not leave his post. After another request, he decided to ignore orders and went to the consulate and rescued approximately 30 people, unfortunately Ambassador Stevens was not among them. He returned to the CIA building having rescued others and again requested assistance which was denied.

Tyrone Woods was a hero of extraordinary valor, as his father said; he was a man who had the “moral strength to do what is right”. His father also said that it would never occur to him to not act even though the consequence would have been to lose his job for disregarding orders. He did what was morally and ethically called for; not so, the White House, or this administration. “This is cowardice and lies and they are the murderers of my son.”

Within two hours of the onslaught of the attack Ansar al Sharia claimed to be the perpetrator. He related that on September 14th when the bodies of the four returned to the United States, Hillary Clinton promised Charles Woods that we are going to arrest the film maker. Film maker, really? He also stated, just like the mother of Sean Smith, that neither President Obama nor Hillary Clinton could look him straight in the eye, nor did he feel sincerity out of either of them.

I, as a Citizen of the United States, demand that President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton stand before the American people and explain their denial of the true events that transpired, before, during and after the events of 9/11/12.

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Wendi Werner October 28, 2012 at 11:30 PM
@ Linda you are part of a "Counter Jihad movement" my donkey's anatomical. Obama is not the Supreme leader that many think he is and his power is only to comply with the new secret military, as well as Gen. Ham. Ever heard of Greystone? If you paid attention to what you claim to have watched, you would see that the entire comment that you just made is outdated. The post 911 international counter-terrorism efforts are now part of a million man run operation that has the ability to do what they want , when they want and how they want. The funding is unlimited and blacked out. We may never know why this Ambassador was taken out. Maybe he was trying to help the locals and went against the policy that was implemented and became as causality of war.
Wendi Werner October 28, 2012 at 11:41 PM
Lindas' comment " I sure wouldn't be worrying about the NDAA Obama passed where he can pick up any citizen for any reason, lock them up indefinitely without being charged, just imagine if this were a new law under Bush - your head would explode. " Reply TOP SECRET AMERICA was created by the Bush administration and these practices were indeed implemented then and are still very much in existence. Obama adopted them after being DE-briefed by the Bush admin. at his inauguration, not passed them.
Linda Rivera October 29, 2012 at 12:31 AM
@ Wendi "TOP SECRET AMERICA was created by the Bush administration and these practices were indeed implemented then and are still very much in existence. Obama adopted them after being DE-briefed by the Bush admin. at his inauguration, not passed them". Obama could have eliminated Bush's Patriot Act but instead expanded it to a chilling levesl. He also wiped clean all references to Jihad and Radical Islam in the guidelines and books of every single department of Homeland Security. If you can't name the enemy, how can you defeat it? Axioms of war 101. The troops in Afghanistan are being killed at more than double the rates than under Bush, due to the ROE under this incompetent CIC. If a soldier watches the enemy plant an IED, they are not allowed to fire on them, to name just one ridiculous rule. But go ahead, keep blaming Bush... none of the parents of dead Navy Seals seem to be, at least they see the truth.
Wendi Werner October 29, 2012 at 03:28 PM
To be VERY clear to all. I am not blaming the Bush administration for anything. Allowing Cofer Black and the CIA to create a top secret program for our defense and safety is not wrong in my view. I am simply showing the general public that something greater beyond even our current President's power exists. It is a million person organization and is blacked out with gag orders on the press. Coming from a family with veterans in it, I empathize with what solders go through, as my brother came home from the frontline in Iraq and lived with my husband and myself for a year. I am keenly aware of the problems of what soldiers go through.
Malibu Magoo October 30, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Clearly, there were calls for help, and those calls were denied at the highest levels of government. They lying is what burns me. Hillary saying 'the state dept gets thousands of emails etc...'... No, an email from an embassador -- the President of the United States' personal representative -- goes straight to Hillary, the JCS, and POTUS. It would not be lost in thousands of oddjob emails. And, btw, there are several QR teams standing by for these situations. They go in not knowing what to expect, with as little as a 40% chance of success. These teams were ready to go. Again, the request for aid was denied at the highest level, and in real time.... All that is clear to me and SHOULD be reported. The national security details, the why's, are not my business. It's so much more complicated than anyone knows. I'll assume there were very good reasons, and all the risks/rewards were weighed... but the lying isn't necessary, except for an administration that doesn't want a negative hiccup going into the election.


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