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I live in a log house on five acres in Woodinville, with four dogs, a Ferverun named Beau, and Border collie named Wylie, a GSD, Prince Valiant and the part Dachshund part Beagle all nose - Greta. These boys and one girl, belong to the owner of the house. I get to spend as much time with them as I want.
I am a defender of wolves that have the right to live wild. Wolves are undeservedly demonized by farmers and hunters.  When I began to write seriously I became aware of the enormous writing talent there is in this world. Ideas are first thought then written down and then read. That is how the world changes. The words and the thoughts are out there and here too at the Woodinville Patch.  The natural world is where we belong. Renewing itself is a constant. We have the same ability to renew ourselves, weekly, daily, hourly. Visit nature regularly, in your yard or out, She enjoys your visits. 
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