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Mike Woodward trimmed trees for more than 25 five years and is the current manager of the Eagle Rock Community Garden. He has been involved in various local community activities such as Northeast Trees and the building of the Eagle Rock Canyon Trail. His interest in gardens and gardening goes back to childhood. After many years of trimming trees, Mike returned to school, gaining a degree in Creative Writing from Vermont College. He wrote for many Internet trade publications, including Web Hosting and Internet Industry News, where he wrote a column on telecommunications law. Mike began his working life as a psychiatric technician working with the mentally ill and the developmentally disabled. He left that profession because, as he likes to put it, "shrinks drove me up a tree," and began his second life as a tree trimmer. For his third act, Mike began writing professionally in 2000. In addition to Internet-oriented publications he has also written travel articles and public relations copy in association with Western News Service. Drawing on his psychiatric nursing background, he also assists the editor at Western News with media training seminars. Mike moved to Eagle Rock in 1976 and has felt at home here since.
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